• Automatic deal to invoice or order creation : Transform HubSpot deals directly into invoices or orders as per your preference, equipped with real-time status updates in the deal notes.
  • Comprehensive sync status log : Keep a keen eye on every transaction with the expansive log housed within the HubSpot deal activity log, providing insights into the sync status.
  • Replay unsuccessful integrations : Bid goodbye to missed invoice integrations with our distinctive Replay feature accessible from the deal notes, ensuring no invoice creation in Fortnox is missed.
  • Personalised sync setup : Customise the sync experience with intuitive preferences and field mapping options, allowing for an integration setup that mirrors your business needs perfectly.
  • Product sync : Elevate your product management efficiency with the seamless product synchronisation from HubSpot to Fortnox with each integration cycle.
  • CRM card : The CRM card provides sales and outstanding invoices data. You can also seamlessly create customers in Fortnox by performing sync.
  • Manual company creation and data update : Step up your data management game by manually creating or updating companies from HubSpot as customers in Fortnox and updating their financial data directly in HubSpot from Fortnox with a mere click.



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Free 15 trial syncs

Create invoices and customers from HubSpot to Fortnox

Custom rules and mapping for customers and invoices creation in Fortnox

Replay failed sync from HubSpot activity log


Integrate your customers with Fortnox invoices

149 SEK


Unlimited manual customer sync from HubSpot to Fortnox

Custom rules and mapping for creating customers in Fortnox

View invoice details in the created CRM card


Integrate your customers & deals with Fortnox invoices

299 SEK


Unlimited manual company sync

Unlimited company financial data update from Fortnox

Create invoices/orders and products from HubSpot to Fortnox @ 1.5 SEK/sync

Custom rules and mapping for creating companies, products, and invoices/orders in Fortnox

Replay failed sync from HubSpot activity log

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The Automatic Deal-to-Invoice Conversion feature is designed to directly transform your HubSpot deals into invoices in Fortnox. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and back-and-forth communication with your accounting department, allowing you to focus on what matters most – growing your business. Real-time updates in the deal notes ensure that you always have the latest information at your fingertips.

Product Sync works with each integration cycle, ensuring that any changes or updates you make to your products in HubSpot are promptly reflected in Fortnox. This guarantees that your product information is always up-to-date in both systems.

Our system is designed to catch and report mismatches or errors. In the unlikely event of a sync error, you'll receive a notification directly within the deal or product notes. Plus, with the Replay Unsuccessful Integrations feature, you can effortlessly reattempt any failed synchronisations.

The Fortnox Integration addresses this concern by searching for existing customer data in Fortnox before creating new entries. This helps maintain data consistency and reduces the chance of errors or duplication, giving you peace of mind and a more accurate representation of your customer base.

We understand that seamless integration is crucial. If an integration attempt fails for any reason, our unique Replay feature allows you to reattempt the integration directly from the deal notes. This ensures that no invoice creation in Fortnox goes amiss, providing you with control and convenience in managing your sales process.

In the Fortnox Sync App, you can define the search parameters by navigating to the customer search settings. Here, you can specify the deal properties in HubSpot that correspond with client details in Fortnox. If you need further assistance, please refer to our user guide in the documentation section.

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