What's New?

  • Easy B2C Customer Management : Convert your HubSpot contacts into new customer entries in Microsoft Business Central, streamlining your CRM and accounting processes.
  • Simplified Invoicing : Our integration allows invoice creation using only the deal value, eliminating the need to specify individual products.

Key Features

  • Automatic Deal-to-Invoice/Order creation: Instantly convert HubSpot deals into invoices or orders as per your preference with real-time status updates in deal notes.
  • Manual Company Creation & Financial Data Update: Manually add or modify companies in HubSpot for Business Central and quickly update their financial data.
  • Product Sync: Streamline product synchronisation from HubSpot to Business Central in each sync.
  • Comprehensive Status Log Sync: Monitor all transactions and sync status through HubSpot’s deal activity log, showing sync success or failure.
  • Replay Unsuccessful Integration: Ensure no missed invoice or order with our distinctive Replay feature accessible from the deal notes.
  • Personalised Sync Setup: Adjust your sync with intuitive preferences and field mappings for a tailored business fit.



15 Free credits to try the integration


Free 15 trial syncs

Create companies, products and invoices/orders from HubSpot to Microsoft Business central

Custom rules and mapping for creating customers and invoices in Microsoft Business central

Replay failed sync from HubSpot activity log


Unlimited Company Sync and Financial Data Updates



Unlimited manual company sync

Unlimited company and financial data update from Microsoft Business central

Custom rules and mapping for creating customers in Microsoft Business central


Comprehensive Company, Product, and Invoice Sync with Error Replay



Unlimited manual company sync

Unlimited company financial data update from Microsoft Business central

Create invoices/orders and products from HubSpot to Microsoft Business central @$ 0.15 / sync

Custom rules and mapping for creating companies, products, and invoices/orders in Microsoft Business central

Replay failed sync from HubSpot activity log

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One-time Setup fee as applicable

Monthly fee based on the transactions

Integration build as per your business flows and requirements

Dedicated support for implementation

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It's an innovative app on the HubSpot marketplace that facilitates a seamless connection between HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, optimising both sales and accounting processes for your business.

The latest iteration introduces several key enhancements, including: - Seamless integration of HubSpot CRM with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for product synchronisation. - The ability to create orders directly within Business Central. - One-to-many custom product mapping. - Manual creation or updating of customers directly from the CRM card.

Absolutely! One of the new features is the flexibility to manually create or update customers directly through the CRM card, giving users more control over their customer data.

Unlike other integrations, our app is natively built for HubSpot and stands as a central hub connecting HubSpot with Microsoft Business Central. It ensures an effortless creation of customers and invoices in Business Central, derived from HubSpot deal properties. Plus, you can view updated Business Central information directly in HubSpot!

This feature allows you to instantly convert HubSpot deals into invoices, providing real-time status updates in the deal notes. Say goodbye to constant communication with your accounting department for invoice status.

With our Comprehensive Sync Status Log, you can easily monitor the success or failure of a sync. If an invoice integration fails, use our unique Replay feature from the deal notes to reattempt without a hitch.

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