• Automatic Deal to Order Creation: Seamlessly transform HubSpot deals into orders, with real-time updates in HubSpot deal notes for transparent accounting.
  • Financial Data Update using CRM card: Directly access and monitor your clients' financial engagements (invoice details like total invoice amount, number of invoices and average invoice amount) within HubSpot by performing sync for companies.
  • Replay Unsuccessful Integrations: Rectify errors and directly replay any failed integration easily within HubSpot deal notes.
  • Manual Company Creation: Exercise control over your data by manually creating or updating companies from HubSpot as customers in Tripletex.
  • Personalized Sync Setup: Experience a customized synchronization tailored to your business needs with intuitive sync rules and field mapping.
  • Comprehensive Sync Status Log: Maintain oversight of every transaction with detailed logging within the HubSpot deal activity log.



15 Free credits to try the integration


Free 15 trial syncs

Create orders, customers, and products from HubSpot deals to Tripletex

Financial data update for HubSpot organization from Tripletex

Replay failed sync for HubSpot integration

Custom rules and mapping for creating customers, products and orders in Tripletex


Integrate your customers with Tripletex invoices

150 NOK


Unlimited manual company sync (create and update)

Unlimited financial data update for companies in HubSpot

Custom rules and mapping for creating customers in Tripletex


Integrate your customers & deals with Tripletex invoices

300 NOK


Create orders, customers and products from HubSpot to Tripletex @ 1.5 NOK/sync

Unlimited financial data update for HubSpot companies from Tripletex

Replay failed sync for HubSpot integration

Unlimited manual company sync

Custom rules and mapping for creating customers, products and orders in Tripletex

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It automatically converts HubSpot deals into Tripletex orders, equipped with real-time status updates.

A feature in HubSpot that provides a detailed overview of every transaction, offering valuable insights into the synchronisation process.

Yes, the integration offers personalised sync setup options for customization according to your business requirements.

A feature in the Company view of HubSpot, offering a detailed financial report of customers, including invoice data.

It ensures seamless and accurate synchronisation of financial data between HubSpot and Tripletex.

The replay feature allows you to rectify and replay the integration process, ensuring continuous and accurate data synchronisation.

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