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  • Effortless B2C Customer Management : Convert your HubSpot contacts into new customer entries in e-conomic, streamlining your CRM and accounting processes.
  • Simplified Invoicing : Our integration allows for invoice creation using only the deal value, eliminating the need to specify individual product.


  • Automatic deal to invoice or order creation : Transform HubSpot deals directly into invoices or orders as per your preference, equipped with real-time status updates in the deal notes.
  • Comprehensive sync status log : Keep a keen eye on every transaction with the expansive log housed within the HubSpot deal activity log, providing insights into the sync status.
  • Replay unsuccessful integrations : Bid goodbye to missed invoice integrations with our distinctive Replay feature accessible from the deal notes, ensuring no invoice creation in e-conomic is missed.
  • Personalised sync setup : Customise the sync experience with intuitive preferences and field mapping options, allowing for an integration setup that mirrors your business needs perfectly.
  • Product sync : Elevate your product management efficiency with the seamless product synchronisation from HubSpot to e-conomic with each integration cycle.
  • CRM card : The CRM card provides sales and outstanding invoices data. You can also seamlessly create customers in e-conomic by performing sync.
  • Manual company creation and data update : Step up your data management game by manually creating or updating companies from HubSpot as customers in e-conomic and updating their financial data directly in HubSpot from e-conomic with a mere click.



15 Free credits to try the integration


Free 15 trial syncs

Create companies, products and invoices/orders from HubSpot to e-conomic

Custom rules and mapping for creating customers and invoices in e-conomic

Replay failed sync from HubSpot activity log


Unlimited Company Sync and Financial Data Updates

99 kr.


Unlimited manual company sync

Unlimited company and financial data update from e-conomic

Custom rules and mapping for creating customers in e-conomic


Comprehensive Company, Product, and Invoice Sync with Error Replay

199 kr.


Unlimited manual company sync

Unlimited company financial data update from e-conomic

Create invoices/orders and products from HubSpot to e-conomic @ 1 DKK. / sync

Custom rules and mapping for creating companies, products, and invoices/orders in e-conomic

Replay failed sync from HubSpot activity log

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Most users typically use properties like email, phone number, or VAT number. Whatever you choose, ensure it's a unique identifier that exists in both systems and is filled out consistently.

If the chosen property is missing, the sync process will fail and cause an error. You'll need to ensure that this property is always provided to avoid sync failures.

Yes, you have two options: let e-conomic auto-generate the customer number or take the customer number from a field in HubSpot.

The replay feature allows you to replay the sync process directly from within HubSpot after you've corrected any error that caused the initial sync to fail.

Invoice sync preferences define how the integration should handle invoice creation, specifically which products should be added to the invoices and when the invoices should be created.

During setup, you can choose whether to not generate the invoice or use a pre-chosen product from e-conomic to create the invoice line item.

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