• Generation of Automatic Deal-to-Invoice or Quote : You can quickly transform HubSpot deals into invoices or quotes according to your preferences. You will receive every real-time status update in the deal notes. This feature significantly lowers the need for constant communication with your accounting department, freeing your sales team to focus on closing more deals.
  • Better Sync Status Log : Maintain visibility over every transaction with an extensive log within the HubSpot deal activity log, offering information about the sync status. This transparency ensures that your sales team is always informed about deal invoice status. Additionally, we enhance this process by attaching a copy of the invoice from e-economic in case of successful integrations, further empowering your team with all the necessary documentation for seamless sales and billing management.
  • Replay Unsuccessful Integrations : Now, you won’t have to worry about invoice integration as we have built the distinctive Replay feature. You can access it from the deal notes. This feature ensures that every invoice creation in Xero is accounted for, eliminating potential disruptions in your sales cycle.
  • Personalized Sync Setup : Customisation is in your hands! Now, tailor the sync experience with new preferences and field mapping options. You will have a perfect synchronisation setup that perfectly aligns with your business requirements. It will help your sales team work efficiently with organised data.
  • Product sync : Empower your product management efficiency with seamless synchronisation of product data from HubSpot to Xero with each integration cycle. This ensures your sales team has accurate information, enabling better sales planning and execution. Additionally, our integration supports the creation of invoices based on deal value alone, eliminating the need for a HubSpot sales pro plan and facilitating the use of our service across various subscription levels.
  • Sales Overview : In the “Companies” section, users can immediately access a straightforward overview of a customer's financial activity, including revenue, invoices, and overdue invoices, directly from the main interface. This functionality equips your sales team with essential financial insights, enriching customer relationship management by providing key information at a glance. Additionally, users can manually update this information from Xero, ensuring that the most current data is always available for informed decision-making.
  • Manual Company Creation and Financial Data Update : You can easily create or update companies and contacts from HubSpot as customers in Xero. This will help your sales team quickly update customer information, keeping data accurate and up-to-date.
  • Effortless B2C Customer Management : Convert your HubSpot contacts into new customer entries in Xero, streamlining your CRM and accounting processes.
  • Simplified Invoicing : Our integration allows invoice creation using only the deal value, eliminating the need to specify individual products. Now, there won’t be a requirement for a HubSpot Sales Pro plan and making our service accessible across different subscription tiers.



Leverage our integration features at no cost with 15 free syncs


Create customers, products, and invoices/quotes from HubSpot to Xero

Sync and update customers' financial data in HubSpot

Custom rules and mapping for creating customers and invoices in Xero

Replay failed sync from HubSpot deal notes


Unlimited Customer Sync and Financial Data Updates



Unlimited manual company sync

Unlimited company financial data update from Xero

Custom rules and mapping for creating customers in Xero


Comprehensive Customer, Products and Invoice Sync with Financial Data Update



Unlimited manual company sync

Unlimited company financial data update from Xero

Create invoices/quotes and products from HubSpot to Xero @ $1 per sync

Replay failed sync from HubSpot activity log

Custom rules and mapping for creating companies, products and invoices/quotes in Xero

Need a custom integration

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One-time setup fee as applicable

Monthly fee based on the transactions

Integration build as per your business flows and requirements

Dedicated support for implementation

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Xero Sync is an app that generates invoices in Xero right from a deal in HubSpot. This app streamlines company, product, contact, and invoice/quote creation straight from HubSpot deals and integrates enhanced functionalities like updated company financial data in HubSpot from Xero Sync. Advantages include real-time data updates, a replay option for failed syncs, flexible field mappings and tailored sync rules.

You can start with a free trial of 15 free syncs. After that, you can use our Basic Plan at USD $15/month and have unlimited manual company sync, unlimited company financial data updates from Xero, custom rules and mapping for creating customers in Xero. If you require further upgraded features, we recommend you take our Premium Package at USD $30/month.

We provide custom integration plans that include a one-time setup fee as applicable and a monthly fee based on the transactions. The integration will be built based on your business flows and requirements. Furthermore, you will have dedicated support for implementation.

Integration ensures seamless customer and financial data transfer, eliminating manual data entry and reducing errors. It enables better collaboration between sales and finance teams, enhances customer insights, and improves overall business efficiency.

Benefits include improved data accuracy, time savings through automation, enhanced visibility into customer transactions, better forecasting, and improved customer service by providing a holistic view of customer interactions and financial status.

Common data includes customer contact information, sales quotes, invoices, payments, and financial transactions. Additionally, product or service details, sales quotes, and customer communication logs may also be synchronized.

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