Integrating Success on Pipedrive Marketplace

Unlock the potential of your business with Cloudify's wide array of applications designed to simplify, automate, and elevate your operations:

Visma e-conomic Integration

Visma e-conomic Integration on the Pipedrive marketplace by Cloudify streamlines sales and accounting processes. Features such as automatic deal-to-invoice creation, attaching e-conomic invoice PDFs in Pipedrive deal notes, and replaying failed invoices directly from Pipedrive deal notes enhance efficiency and effectiveness in the sales process.

Fortnox Integration

Elevate your invoicing with the Fortnox Integration, designed to integrate effortlessly with Pipedrive. Experience the convenience of real-time deal conversion and customer data synchronization. Streamline your sales and invoicing with reliable, up-to-date information. Enhance your operational efficiency with our intuitive integration tool that bridges the gap between CRM and accounting.

Danish CVR LookUp Integration

Experience Danish CVR Lookup Integration with Pipedrive to achieve increased data accuracy, time savings, and efficient customer and financial data syncing. This app's benefits, like bulk updates and the ability to view three years of financial data, make data handling precise and effortless.

Company VAT Lookup Integration

The Company VAT Lookup Integration with Cloudify ensures easy lookup of company VAT numbers and automatic fulfillment of company information. This integration, supporting various countries, seamlessly integrates with Pipedrive and helps enhance data accuracy and sales process efficiency by reducing manual data entry.

Business Central Integration

Transform your sales with Cloudify's Business Central Integration, which acts as a bridge between Pipedrive and Business Central. Effortlessly turn deals into invoices, manage organizations, and sync product data. This integration boosts efficiency, offers financial overviews, and allows easy replay in case of errors. Upgrade your business operations today with our Business Central Integration.

Amazon Integration

The Amazon Integration with Pipedrive by Cloudify automates e-commerce processes by syncing customer data from Amazon to Pipedrive. This includes creating new Pipedrive contacts for Amazon orders and providing access to encrypted customer email IDs, allowing seamless communication and tracking of Amazon customers.

Amazon Integration

Unleashed Integration

Cloudify's Unleashed Integration with Pipedrive offers real-time data sync, improved data accuracy, increased efficiency, and better visibility into sales and inventory data. Features like syncing contacts and organisations and instant sync between Unleashed and Pipedrive enhance the functionality of both platforms, streamlining business operations.

Unleashed Integration

Custom Automations of Cloudify with Pipedrive


Offering tailored automations

Pipedrive, as a leading sales CRM, is known for optimising the sales processes for businesses, and Cloudify takes this efficiency to the next level with tailored custom automation. In essence, Cloudify's custom automation with Pipedrive is not just about efficiency but strategic alignment, growth facilitation, and building a responsive, agile sales process that resonates with today's dynamic business landscape. Here's how businesses can grow and thrive through Cloudify's integration with Pipedrive:

  • Cloudify, an elite partner of Pipedrive, provides custom automation that allows businesses to design workflows tailored to their unique sales process.

  • By automating follow-ups to ensure no lead is left behind, efficiently assigning leads to the right teams, and enhancing customer engagement through automated messages and reminders, Cloudify's integration with Pipedrive optimises your sales efforts.

  • A key part of our offerings is Lighthouse, our own middleware platform. With Lighthouse, customers can create custom integrations or process flows with their apps, making solutions both adaptable and effective.

Leverage Cloudify's innovation to transform your sales strategy, enhance productivity, and steer your business towards unprecedented success.

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Cloudify's collaboration with Pipedrive has opened up new avenues for businesses to integrate and align their applications seamlessly. From small enterprises to industry giants, Cloudify's innovative solutions have enabled diverse organisations to connect Pipedrive with other applications, enhancing functionality and simplifying operations. Whether it's integrating sales channels, managing customer relationships, or streamlining inventory processes, Cloudify's expertise in crafting tailored solutions has fostered growth and efficiency across various sectors. Explore how Cloudify has made a difference, and envision what it could mean for your business.

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