This integration automatically creates a new contact in Pipedrive when an order is placed on Amazon. It syncs encrypted customer email IDs, enabling direct marketing and communication without manual updates.

You'll save valuable time by not manually entering customer details. Plus, having encrypted email IDs allows you to engage with your customers directly, enhancing your marketing and sales process.

Yes, the encrypted email addresses from Amazon get automatically synced to Pipedrive, enabling you to email your customers directly.

The app uses encrypted email IDs provided by Amazon to ensure the utmost privacy and security of customer information. The encrypted email addresses are automatically synced with your Pipedrive account.

Yes, aside from the mandatory Email field, you can customize the mapping of other fields such as Postal code, Region, and Country code by using the 'Add new mapping' feature.

The contact list, including encrypted email IDs provided by Amazon, gets updated every 10 minutes, ensuring timely synchronisation.

Enhance Customer Engagement with Cloudify's Amazon Integration

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