• Automatic VAT Updates : Seamlessly pull customer details using valid VAT number or company name.
  • Bulk update : Update records for multiple companies easily.
  • Data from trusted sources : Verify VAT numbers and fetch data directly from authorised public sources.
  • Customise Data Mapping: Integrate and sync company information from various countries into your CRM with our flexible field mappings.
  • Real-time Verification : Instantly check the validity of VAT numbers in real-time.
  • Multi-country Support : Access VAT information from 6 countries with a single integration.
  • Enhanced Data Accuracy : Reduce errors and ensure the highest level of data accuracy for your records.



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Latest and accurate data from official database

Search companies based on name and VAT number

Data from 6 regions

Bulk data update

Customise mapping

Update company data while creating a new company


No, the integration is designed for ease of use and does not require coding or technical expertise.

Our integration supports finding company information through their alpha-numeric or numeric VAT numbers in Australia, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK. Each country may have specific data fields.

Users enter the VAT number or registration number of the company into the VAT Lookup search field. The integration then automatically retrieves the company's details from the official databases of the selected country and updates this information in the CRM.

Custom data mapping is a feature of the VAT Lookup app that lets users integrate specific company information fields from the Company VAT Lookup Integration into the Pipedrive CRM. Users can map different company data fields based on their preferences.

After opening a company inside the Pipedrive CRM, you can click on 'Actions' and then 'Search Company' on the "Company VAT Lookup" CRM card. Then, in the search window, you can select a country and enter the VAT number or company name. After clicking on 'Add' for the desired company, the company's data is added to your CRM as per the data mapping you've defined.

Yes, you can create a new custom property by clicking on 'Create new Pipedrive property' in the Mapping window. After giving it a label and a name, this new custom company property is added to the Pipedrive Company list.

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