• Automatic Deal to Invoice/Order Creation: Effortlessly convert Pipedrive deals into Fortnox invoices or orders, complete with real-time updates.
  • Financial data update: Use the custom panel in Pipedrive to get a clear overview of the financial data of customers, including invoice data.
  • Replay option for Errors: Replay integration after rectifying errors, ensuring smooth and continuous data flow.
  • Product Sync: Synchronise product data between Pipedrive and Fortnox efficiently, ensuring consistent and up-to-date product information.
  • Manual Customer Creation: Manually create or update customer information in Fortnox directly from Pipedrive for enhanced data management.
  • Comprehensive Sync Status Log: Monitor every transaction with a detailed log in Pipedrive, offering insights into the synchronisation process.
  • Personalized Sync Setup: Tailor the integration to your unique business needs with intuitive preferences and field mapping options.



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Create customers, products, and invoices/orders from Pipedrive to Fortnox

Custom rules and mapping for creating customers and invoices in Fortnox

Replay failed sync from pipedrive deal notes


Unlimited Customer Sync and Financial Data Updates

149 SEK


Unlimited manual company sync

Unlimited company financial data update from Fortnox

Custom rules and mapping for creating customers in Fortnox


Comprehensive Customer, Products, and Invoice Sync with Financial data Update

299 SEK


Unlimited manual company sync

Unlimited company financial data update from Fortnox

Create invoices/orders, customers and products from Pipedrive to Fortnox @ 1 SEK/sync

Replay failed sync for Pipedrive activity log

Custom rules and mapping for creating customers, products and invoices/orders in Fortnox

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By automating the conversion of Pipedrive deals into Fortnox invoices, this feature significantly cuts down on the time spent on manual data entry and communication with accounting. It ensures that the latest invoice status is always at hand within the deal notes, allowing you to concentrate on business growth strategies.

To ensure data consistency, the app checks for pre-existing customer records in Fortnox before creating new ones. This diligent check helps to avoid duplication and maintain a clean and accurate customer database.

Should there be any discrepancies or errors during the sync, you will receive an immediate notification within Pipedrive's deal or product notes. For any sync issues, the Replay Unsuccessful Integrations feature is available to seamlessly reinitiate the sync process.

Product Sync is synchronised with each integration cycle, ensuring that any modifications to your products in Pipedrive are immediately and accurately reflected in Fortnox. This feature maintains the integrity of your product data across both platforms in real-time.

A: In the event of a failed integration, the Replay feature is your go-to solution. It allows you to quickly address any issues and retry the integration directly from the deal notes in Pipedrive, ensuring that every invoice is properly accounted for.

Customising search parameters for customer matching is straightforward in the app's settings. You can align Pipedrive deal properties with Fortnox client details to ensure accurate matches. For additional support, our user guide offers comprehensive instructions.

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