• Seamless invoice & Order Creation: You can automate deal-to-order/invoice transition within Pipedrive with real-time status notes.
  • Streamlined product management operations: Experience smooth product sync from Pipedrive to Business Central during every integration cycle.
  • Stay updated with real-time sync insights: Real-time sync insights provide a comprehensive log of deal activity, letting you know the transaction status.
  • Replay unsuccessful integrations: You can rectify failed integrations effortlessly right from Pipedrive deal notes.
  • Sales overview with Custom Modal: A Custom Modal is available in Organization view where you can view the data of customers that reflects invoice details and other financial data.
  • Effortless organization sync: Easily create customers in Business Central and perform sync between Pipedrive organizations and Business Central customers.



15 free syncs to try the integration


Free 15 trial syncs

Create customers, products and invoices /orders from Pipedrive to Microsoft Business Central

Sync and update customers financial data in Business Central to Pipedrive

Custom rules and mapping for creating customers and invoices in Microsoft Business Central

Replay failed sync from Pipedrive deal notes


Unlimited Customer Sync and Financial Data Updates



Unlimited manual company sync

Unlimited company financial data update from Business Central to Pipedrive

Custom rules and mapping for creating customers in Microsoft Business Central


Comprehensive Customer, Products, and Invoice Sync with Financial data Update



Unlimited manual company sync

Unlimited company financial data update from Business Central

Create invoices/orders and products from Pipedrive to Business central @ 0.15/ USD sync

Replay failed sync from Pipedrive activity log

Custom rules and mapping for creating companies, products and invoices/orders in Microsoft Business Central

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It's a dynamic integration tool designed to seamlessly connect Pipedrive with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, facilitating efficient synchronisation of data, deals, products, and more.

Once a deal is closed in Pipedrive, it's automatically converted into either an invoice or an order as per your setting, and you'll receive real-time status updates in your deal notes.

Absolutely! You can easily add or modify organisations and swiftly update their financial data right from Pipedrive.

It ensures that your products are consistently synchronised between Pipedrive and Business Central during every sync operation.

With our comprehensive status log sync, you can monitor all transactions and their sync status. If a sync fails, you can use our Replay feature directly from the deal notes to ensure no invoice or order is missed.

Yes! Our app allows you to adjust the synchronisation preferences and field mappings to suit your specific business requirements.

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