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Venture into an enhanced e-commerce realm with Cloudify's app integrations on Shopify. Our Visma e-conomic Integration empowers businesses to streamline customer creation and invoice processes, presenting real-time e-conomic updates within Shopify. Meanwhile, the upcoming Business Central Integration promises a robust suite of features for seamless Shopify to Business Central synchronisation, making way for an optimised and hassle-free e-commerce operation.

Visma e-conomic Integration

Revolutionise your e-commerce experience with the integration of Shopify and e-conomic. With Cloudify's Visma e-conomic Integration, effortlessly create customers and invoices in e-conomic, using the order properties of a Shopify order. What's more, get the latest data from e-conomic displayed directly in Shopify for that holistic view of your business transactions.

Fortnox Integration

Seamlessly connect your Shopify store with Cloudify’s Fortnox Integration: experience hassle-free synchronisation, precise accounting, and efficient management. Enhance your online store operations with Cloudify's innovative solution, optimised for a superior e-commerce experience. It provides accounting automation that helps sync invoices, products, and customers between Shopify and Fortnox.

Shopify Fortnox Integration

Business Central Integration

Experience the future of e-commerce integrations with Cloudify's Business Central Integration. Seamlessly convert your Shopify orders into invoices or direct orders, coupled with real-time status insights. Dive into efficient manual customer adjustments and financial data updates from Business Central and effortlessly synchronise products between the platforms. Ensure flawless transactions with our distinctive error message display and mold your sync process with tailored preferences and field mappings, all to fit your unique business ethos.

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Custom Automations of Cloudify with Shopify

Achieve a comprehensive business perspective. With Cloudify, seamlessly integrate CRM and accounting apps with Shopify, offering a consolidated view of your e-commerce endeavours.


Offering tailored automations

  • Cloudify ensures a smooth integration of Shopify with critical apps, bridging payment, CRM, accounting, and inventory management for a unified e-commerce ecosystem.
  • Delight your customers with a smoother checkout, accurate inventory updates, and instant financial data access, all powered by Cloudify's intelligent integrations.

Native Plug & Play integrations available on other Marketplaces

Popular Shopify Integration Use Cases by Cloudify

Cloudify has paved the way for many Shopify businesses to excel in their operations. Some top use cases include streamlining customer management through automated data syncing, optimising inventory management by ensuring real-time product availability, enhancing transaction experiences with error-free invoice creation, and promoting efficient financial data updates, ensuring businesses stay ahead of their financial curve.

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