• Automatic invoice/order creation: Transform Shopify orders directly into Fortnox invoices/orders equipped with real-time status updates in the order timeline
  • Replay option for errors: Rectify errors and easily replay the integration to save time.
  • Product and customer sync: Elevate your product management efficiency with the seamless product and customer synchronisation from Shopify to Fortnox with each integration cycle.
  • Enhance your e-commerce accounting: Effortlessly integrate shipping charges in Fortnox.
  • Comprehensive sync status log: Keep a keen eye on every transaction with the expansive log housed within the timeline, providing insights into the sync status.
  • Personalised sync setup: Customise the sync experience with intuitive preferences and field mapping options, allowing for an integration setup that mirrors your business needs perfectly.



Free credits to try the integration


15 trial syncs

Create invoices, products and customers in fortnox

Create journal entries from shopify payouts

Replay option for errors

Tailored sync rules


Integrate your customers & deals



Pay as you use @ 0.15 USD/sync

Create invoices/orders, customers, and products from Shopify orders in Fortnox

Replay failed sync for Shopify integration

Tailored rules and mapping for sync

Need a custom integration?

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One-time Setup fee as applicable

Monthly fee based on the transactions

Integration build as per your business flows and requirements

Dedicated support for implementation

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Field mapping aligns data between Shopify and Fortnox, matching product details and inventory information.

Missing mapped fields can disrupt synchronisation, potentially leading to errors. Consistency in data fields is crucial.

The integration ensures consistent product pricing across both platforms, updating changes in real time.

New products in Shopify can be automatically synced to Fortnox, updating inventory details.

New orders being fulfilled or paid can trigger automatic data synchronisation with Fortnox, in accordance with the settings.

Customer information from Shopify can be synced to Fortnox, allowing for unified management of customers and order history across both platforms.

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