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Cloudify proudly presents its seamless integration with Stripe Marketplace, where efficiency meets innovation. Our offering includes applications like Business Central, designed to reshape the way you do business.

Business Central Integration

The Business Central Integration by Cloudify on Stripe Marketplace streamlines invoicing by automating draft invoice creation in Business Central when payments are made via Stripe. This integration eliminates manual work and includes features such as uni-directional sync for invoice tracking, retrigger options for unsuccessful integrations, and automated invoice creation. Ensure client information and product details are up-to-date in Business Central for an efficient, error-free process.

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Custom Automations of Cloudify with Stripe


Offering tailored automations

Cloudify's custom automation with Stripe, powered by their middleware platform Lighthouse, enables flexible payment solutions and intelligent reporting, creating a tailored and efficient financial environment for businesses.

Harness the power of customisation with Cloudify’s unique automation features on Stripe

  • Cloudify offers seamless integration with Stripe, flexible payment solutions, automated invoicing, and intelligent reporting, all supported by Lighthouse, our unique middleware platform.
  • Utilise Cloudify's Lighthouse platform for custom integrations, making your financial processes both adaptable and tailored to specific business needs.

Native Plug & Play integrations available on other Marketplaces

Popular Stripe Use Cases

Cloudify's innovative Stripe automation is reshaping the way how businesses handle their financial processes. By integrating Stripe with our leading-edge technology, we offer a suite of powerful automations that provide efficient payment processing, automated invoicing, real time financial reporting, and more.

Explore the limitless possibilities of seamless Stripe integration with Cloudify

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