Integrating Success on HubSpot Marketplace

Cloudify is thrilled to announce its application launch on the HubSpot marketplace. This expansion offers HubSpot's extensive user base access to Cloudify's cloud-based tools, designed to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

Visma e-conomic Integration

Discover the Visma e-conomic Sync by Cloudify on HubSpot. Streamline invoicing with automatic invoice generation triggered by HubSpot deal stage modifications, eliminating manual work. Benefit from seamless customer sync, as every CRM operation in HubSpot triggers customer data transfer to e-conomic, ensuring no missed details. Our integration recognizes existing data, avoiding duplication and ensuring consistency. Error management tools within HubSpot allow quick corrections, maintaining uninterrupted automation.

Fortnox Sync

Introducing Fortnox sync on HubSpot marketplace by Cloudify. Enjoy real-time control over company data with features like automatic invoice generation, triggered by deal stage changes in HubSpot, and effortless customer data transfer to e-conomic. The app smartly avoids duplications, ensuring data consistency and reducing error risks. If a sync error occurs, a helpful note within HubSpot enables quick corrections. Fortnox sync streamlines your data management process, eliminating manual efforts and maintaining accuracy.

Danish CVR Lookup

Explore Danish CVR Lookup on HubSpot Marketplace by Cloudify, a real-time company data management tool. Key features include Automatic Invoice Generation, triggered by HubSpot deal changes, Customer Sync for seamless data transfer to e-conomic, and Data Integrity to avoid duplications and safeguard consistency. Our Error Management system quickly highlights sync errors within HubSpot for immediate correction. Enhance your operations with Danish CVR Lookup by Cloudify, making data handling efficient and effortless!

Company VAT Lookup

Cloudify's VAT Lookup app, available on the HubSpot marketplace, offers a unique and seamless integration to keep your CRM information accurate and up-to-date. With its comprehensive coverage across countries like Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, the UK, Australia, and Finland, this integration enables users to automatically fetch a company's Value Added Tax (VAT) number, using official databases. This ensures unparalleled accuracy in customer data. What sets it apart is the custom data mapping feature, allowing synchronisation of diverse company information fields.

Microsoft Business Central integration

Transform your accounting with Cloudify's Business Central sync app, a bridge between HubSpot and Microsoft Business Central. Effortlessly convert deals into invoices, manage customers, and synchronize product data. This integration not only boosts efficiency but also provides comprehensive financial overviews and facilitates easy replay in case of errors. Elevate your business operations with the advanced features of the Business Central sync app, designed for optimal performance and streamlined workflow.


Tripletex Integration

Discover the HubSpot Tripletex Integration by Cloudify, designed for seamless accounting. Effortlessly integrate HubSpot CRM with Tripletex's accounting, automating invoice generation and ensuring real-time customer and product data synchronization. This smart solution prevents data duplication, maintains accuracy, and includes easy error management within HubSpot for continuous, efficient automation. Perfect for streamlining accounting processes.


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  • A key part of our offerings is Lighthouse, our own middleware platform. With Lighthouse, customers can create custom integrations or process flows with their apps, making solutions both adaptable and effective.

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