Amazon Seller Central Integrations with Cloudify

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With CRM systems

Integrate Amazon with your CRM systems to manage your orders from start to finish within a single interface. You can update order statuses and track orders in real-time, stock updates, communicate with buyers, track and schedule shipments, and export purchase orders directly from CRM. We enable automated email campaigns with this integration.

How does it work?

When orders are placed in your Amazon account, the customer information is populated in your CRM app. You can automatically create a fulfilled deal or update of a deal in the CRM app.


The orders placed in the seller account gets automatically transferred to the CRM app. When there are new orders made, the customer details are automatically updated along with the order status.


All your customer data are stored at one place that makes lead management easy by sending personalised emails or messages to the customers or including them in targeted email campaigns.


Keep track of multiple items being shipped along with the updates on status, date, tracking information, etc.


Sell your products on the app and keep track of your stocks by linking your product pages to your existing CRM app.

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With accounting systems

Integrate accounting apps with your Amazon seller central account to get complete inventory and warehouse tracking, get automated sales reports, real time tracking of invoices and shipping status. With this integration, you can create and send invoices from the Amazon seller central account.

How does it work?

You can create and send invoices automatically, along with transferring of the orders, managing customers, inventory and products through the integration functionalities.


When an order is placed in the Amazon seller central account, the details are transferred to the accounting app for automatic invoice creation.


The customer information can be used in the accounting app, who has already placed an order or made a purchase, to create an existing customer or update one.


If the accounting app is integrated with your inventory system, there can be an updated inventory when any stock out or stock in is happening.


The product listings on the seller central app are populated into the accounting system before invoice creation, which is basically an early requirement.


Before the invoice is sent, the accounting system validates the applicable VAT rules in the account.

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With inventory and production management systems

Integrate Amazon seller central account with inventory management app to automate your stock updates, manage Amazon orders, FBA warehouse and inventories, and prevent stock outs.

How does it work?

Sync your inventory and import your sales orders by integrating Amazon seller central with inventory management app and visually manage your order fulfillment and production.


The order can be transferred to the inventory management system for it to be delivered, once an order is placed in the Amazon app.


Maintain your inventory and update your stocks automatically that prevents stock outs.

Order fulfillment status

Once the shipment is complete or delivered, a new order status is created in the Amazon account automatically.


Benefits of integrating Amazon with Cloudify

Prevent stock outs

Prevent stock outs

Automatic stock updates, and keeping track of product listings prevents stock outs.

Improved customer engagement

Target potential customers

You can send messages or emails to your potential or current clients if any orders are unfulfillable.

Prevent stock outs

Multiple app integrations

Integrate your Amazon seller central account with other SaaS apps based on your business needs.

Prevent stock outs

Manage product feed

The product feed gets automatically updated in the Amazon app where you can map your store categories.

Prevent stock outs

Order management

Manage your orders from Amazon as well as your website by syncing the product listings and data.

Add automation to your online store with Amazon seller central integration

We, at Cloudify, help you keep your products, inventory, and orders in sync and consistent across all your sales channels through Amazon Seller Central account integration with other third party apps.

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