Gmail Integrations with Cloudify

crm system gmail

With CRM systems

Integrate Gmail with your CRM system and automatically create or update customer data as well as monitor the email activities.

How does it work?

When the customer data is added to the CRM app, send automated email to the customer in the Gmail account.


Track emails, email open and clicks in real time with the Gmail integration with your CRM app.


Emails sent from Gmail can be logged in the CRM system and the ones sent from the CRM app will appear in the sent folder of the Gmail.

accounting gmail

With accounting

Integrate Gmail with accounting apps to populate the accounting app with contacts, view customer transactions and manage multiple organisations.

How does it work?

Add contacts from Gmail and provide them with the transaction details to create invoices in the accounting app.


Add the customer details from Gmail to the accounting app to create an invoice.


View your transactions directly in Gmail and manage them rather than logging in to the accounting app.

icon webshop

With Webshops

Integrate Gmail with webshops to get complete control over the email lists, business contacts, and more.

How does it work?

You can automatically send automated emails and sync your customer contacts into the Gmail account.


For every new order in your webshop account, an automated email will be sent to the customer.


Automatically email is sent to the customer who subscribes to your ecommerce business website.


Benefits of integrating Gmail with Cloudify

Automated emails

Automated emails

When there’s a new lead reported, send automated emails to the customer for lead conversion.

Capture your tasks

Capture your tasks

You can create tasks directly from the Gmail inbox automatically and stay updated.

Send attachments

Send attachments

With Gmail integration, you can send messages or attachments along with the automated emails.

Instant notification

Instant notification

Get notified instantly when there is a new contact added or you receive a new email.

Integrate your emails with Cloudify

With Gmail Integration, your business can transform emails into action items along with automatic alignment of the works of the teammates. Stay connected seamlessly.

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