MailChimp Integrations with Cloudify

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With CRM systems

Integrate MailChimp with your CRM systems like HubSpot and Pipedrive and automatically create or update customer data as well as monitor the email activities.

How does it work?

When the customer data is added to the CRM app, add the customer details to the mailing list of the MailChimp account.


Automatically sync customer details from the CRM app to MailChimp and start building email campaigns.


You can create new deals or contacts in HubSpot from the subscribers list of MailChimp.

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With accounting

Integrate MailChimp with accounting apps to populate the custom fields with the added customer data from the accounting app or when there’s a new/recurring payment in the accounting system.

How does it work?

When a new customer makes the payment for the order in the accounting system, the customer is added to segment in MailChimp.


Add the customer details in the MailChimp list once the payment is made in the accounting app.


Automatically update the contacts in the accounting app when there is a new subscriber in MailChimp account.

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With Webshops

Integrate MailChimp with webshops to create personalised email campaigns, send reminder emails for abandoned carts or generate product recommendations.

How does it work?

You can automatically capture leads, send automated emails, and sync your customer contacts into the MailChimp account.


New customers will be added to the subscribers list of MailChimp when they make a new purchase on the webshop.


Automatically create subscribers for the new orders by syncing all your paid orders to the MailChimp account.


Benefits of integrating MailChimp with Cloudify

icon personalised marketing

Personalised marketing

Make your marketing more effective by syncing real-time data to the MailChimp account and engage old and new customers.

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Targeted marketing

You can segment the customers and enable tags to opt for targeted marketing with MailChimp integration.

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Marketing automation

Segment your contacts and manage your subscribed, unsubscribed and imported contacts with Mailchimp integration.

Effective customer communication

Effective customer communication

Send automated emails to customers on abandoned carts, new promotions, offers, personalised recommendations, and more.


Cloudify use cases across fields

Connecting MailChimp with Cloudify

Connect MailChimp with your favourite SaaS apps to upgrade your marketing and automate the crucial workflows that needed a lot of manual works to complete it, like sending hundreds of emails.

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