Pipedrive Integrations with Cloudify

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With accounting systems

When your Pipedrive account gets integrated with the accounting app you get to streamline your invoices and administrative works through automation and boost your business sales.

How does it work?

You can create and send invoices automatically, along with transferring of the orders, managing customers, inventory, and products through the integration functionalities.


Capture order updates from the CRM app and create sales quote based on the customer information attached to the orders.


All customer data are stored at one place in the Pipedrive CRM, from where we can use customer data for marketing and sales promotion process.


When inventory is integrated with the CRM and accounting app, it remains updated and we can prevent stock outs.

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With marketing systems

Integrate Pipedrive with the in-bound and outbound marketing to create several workflows from advanced emails and increase conversion rates and sales.

How does it work?

Send offers to your customers by exporting contacts from the HubSpot CRM, generate leads and add the details in the marketing app list.


Records created in both the apps can be synced automatically and shared between the apps.


Sync your contacts from CRM to the marketing app by using Pipedrive to define which contacts to sync.


Sync all the customers from the marketing app into the Pipedrive as new contacts.


Records all the website visits and calculate the behaviour-based lead scores in the Pipedrive CRM.

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With inventory and production management systems

Integrate your CRM with inventory and production management app to automate your stock updates, manage orders and get complete hold of your inventories.

How does it work?

You can import deals as sales orders with inventory and Pipedrive CRM integrations so that you can keep your customer and product data in sync.


The sales orders can be transferred from the Pipedrive sales hub deals as sales orders in the inventory management system.


You can import product data from the inventories into your CRM to keep the sales and manufacturing data in sync.

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With Payment systems

Integrate Pipedrive with payment apps that will enable payments on one platform. The integration lets you get more sales from customers using the payment app links integrated in the invoices.

How does it work?

When a deal is closed on CRM app, an invoice is automatically sent to the customer along with the payment link. Once the payment is done, the deal is moved to the next stage.


When a customer makes a payment, a contact is created or updated in the CRM app.


You can cancel the subscription in the CRM app and update the customer and subscription details in real time.


Benefits of integrating Pipedrive with Cloudify

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New customer acquisition

Discover new prospects. This feature automatically fits in your sales pipeline as per the preferences used for qualifying them as leads.

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Route leads

Receive upsell or follow up automatically when there is no scheduled follow up for that particular deal.

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All round visibility

Automatically update content engagement by contacts the moment they enter the lead in stage, with real time notifications.

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Automated emails

You can create and automatically send customised emails to reach targeted customers.

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Contact management

Track and communicate with contacts - from lead to prospect to customer.

Pipedrive integration in action!

At Cloudify, Integrate Pipedrive with your available tech stack or other apps to create and update contacts, deals and activities – all at one place. Pipedrive’s pipeline view organizes deals by sales stage with complete customisation.

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