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Seamless Integration for HubSpot and Fortnox

26 Jun 2023Updated: 20 Jun 2024 3 min

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App Features
Advantages for the Client:
Seamless Integration for HubSpot and Fortnox


Cloudify is excited to announce the launch of its latest app, the Fortnox Sync App, now available on the HubSpot Marketplace. This powerful integration tool aims to enhance the synergy between HubSpot and Fortnox by leveraging deal properties to streamline the creation of customers and invoices in Fortnox. With the Fortnox Sync App, businesses can enjoy a seamless and efficient workflow, saving time and effort while maximising productivity.

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App Features

Customer Search and Creation: The Fortnox Sync App allows users to find or create customers in Fortnox based on specified deal properties in HubSpot. Users can define the search parameter for clients in Fortnox, ensuring a seamless match with the corresponding deal in HubSpot. If a customer is not found, the app automatically creates a new customer in Fortnox.

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Customisable Customer Fields: Users can define and map various customer fields from HubSpot to Fortnox, including customer number, name, payment terms, price list, VAT type, currency, invoice template, and more. This flexibility enables businesses to tailor customer information based on their specific requirements.

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Product Search and Mapping: The app facilitates the search and mapping of products between Fortnox and HubSpot. Users can define custom product mapping from Fortnox products to HubSpot products, ensuring accurate synchronisation of product data. In case a product is not found in Fortnox, the app provides options to either generate the invoice using default products or skip the invoice generation.

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Draft Invoice/Order Creation: Once a sync is triggered, the Fortnox Sync App automatically generates draft invoices or draft orders in Fortnox. It pulls relevant data from HubSpot, including the associated company, line items (products under the deal), order date, and delivery date. Optional fields such as order information, payment terms, order numbers, references, price lists, VAT settings, and more can also be included.

Extensive Sync Properties: The Fortnox Sync App operates as a unidirectional sync, triggered when a deal is set as closed/won in HubSpot. It allows Fortnox to update HubSpot with the draft invoice PDF and possibly the Fortnox customer number. This comprehensive synchronisation ensures data consistency across both platforms.

Advantages for the Client:

Time-saving Automation: Gone are the days of manual coordination and back-and-forth emails between salespeople and the accounting department to create invoices. With the Fortnox Sync App, your sales team can now seamlessly generate invoices directly from HubSpot, eliminating tedious manual processes and saving valuable time.

Error Reduction: By automating the invoice creation process, the Fortnox Sync App ensures that all the necessary data is accurately transferred from HubSpot to Fortnox. This significantly reduces the risk of errors that may occur during manual data entry, resulting in more reliable and error-free invoices.

Empower HubSpot as the Single Source of Truth: With the Fortnox Sync App, all accounting information becomes readily available within HubSpot. This consolidation of data empowers HubSpot to serve as the single source of truth, providing your sales team with comprehensive and up-to-date customer and invoice details in one centralised location.

End-to-End Client Overview: The Fortnox Sync App offers your sales team an end-to-end overview of each client. By integrating deal properties from HubSpot to Fortnox, salespeople can effortlessly access relevant customer information, invoices, and accounting details, enabling them to make informed decisions and provide personalised service.


The Fortnox Sync App by Cloudify revolutionises the integration between HubSpot and Fortnox, providing businesses with a powerful tool to streamline their workflow and optimize productivity. With real-time sales history, outstanding invoice tracking, and automated data synchronization, this app offers a comprehensive solution to businesses seeking efficient integration between HubSpot and Fortnox. 



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