Our Vision

At Cloudify, we have a vision of digitizing businesses. A vision of making sure, that your business has the necessary technological infrastructure, to grow not only in the short term, but in the long term. This vision is at the heart of what we do. That’s why we are able to look at your business on a end-to-end basis, and revamp your technological infrastructure with modern systems and business process automations. In essence, Cloudify can act as the link between the vision for your business, and the technological infrastructure, that enables your business to achieve that vision.

Driving Digital Transformation

Simple Processes. Smarter Software. Automated Workflows. Increased Revenues.

Enterprise Digitalisation and Automation with Cloudify

Anything and everything we do starts with a digital analysis where Cloudify looks at your existing processes and the tech stack that supports your processes. We come up with recommendations suggesting new processes, reconfiguring your existing tech or new tech to automate the process flows.

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Cloudify’s SaaS enablement equips your business with the right tools. Based on your current processes and demands, we help you choose and implement the right system, to make your business streamlined and digitalized. We choose the proper systems to assist you in the configuration of said systems.

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Cloudify offers the possibility of automating business processes whether it is based on a complete digital analysis, or a specific one. Business process automation provides ample benefits for your business that creates coherent work processes and connects the different business branches. It reduces administrative errors, saves time and resources spent on repetitive tasks, and vastly improves productivity.

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Here’s what people have to say about us

“Cloudify knows exactly what our businesses needs. Have seen an amazing boost in our productivity post adapting to smarter workflows.”

Marcus Bleasdale

Assistant Director

“Excellent experience with Cloudify. Looking forward to future projects, nice customer support, lot of creative insights, 10/10 recommended.”

Datsko Petrunov

Senior Software Engineer

"Very happy with Cloudify to date. Seen a significant improvement in business revenue, as well as productivity of employees. Kudos to Cloudify!"

Regina Lau

Sales Operations Manager