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Implementing the right technology stack for your business is a crucial step. Cloudify’s SaaS enablement equips your business with the right tools for your combat ahead.

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With the right SaaS and your business processes in place. Do more of your business and less of operations handling. We make the software do the talking among them and get the work done for you.

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We all know automation is the next best thing that you could do for your business, the world is getting there if at all you didn't know. Choosing Cloudify for your automations is still the first best thing you could do.

Our Solutions

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SaaS Implementation

Equipping you and your business with the right software resources is our thing. Having partnered with some of the best SaaS companies across the globe, we have built a thorough expertise in SaaS enablement. At Cloudify we take immense pleasure in transferring that expertise over to your business, because we only want the best things coming to you from us.

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workflow automation

Workflow Automation

Automation has been solving the problem of running business critical but repetitive tasks for over a decade now. With technology that backs automation in every line of business, Automation sure does accelerate your business to reach its full potential. Cloudify, presents its keenly crafted automation platform, Marketplace that is ideal for all your automation needs.

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custom app integrations and process automation

Custom App Integration and Process Automation

Why automate one workflow while you can automate your entire business process? Connect any number of apps, get them do the talking to each other and do the work for you. Process automation solutions with Cloudify are end-to-end managed services and are tailor made just right for you

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Extensive and Robust Automation

Your need for the hour? Customizable but reliable automation and implementation techniques to achieve the processes quite right.

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Multi-step flows

Design the workflows to meet a series of day-to-day tasks to reduce operational costs and save the productive time of your team.

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Dynamically scalable

The platform scales up or down for real-time, high throughput workflows for integration of your tech stack to drive more efficiency.

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Industry divergent

We have an extensive app pool that spreads across every industry. We let you connect any app from our pool.

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Single click automation

We only let you do the job of deciding the processes that needs automation. All else are managed end-to-end by us.

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Ultimate visibility

Monitoring your automations ahs never been this easy. Our very own automation monitoring - Lighthouse tool is an intuitive tool for you to monitor the status and logs of your process automations and retrigger failed automations.

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Highly secure

You can be rest assured as all your data remains safe while the automation is in process with secure data encryption methods.

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