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Welcome to Cloudify! Your one-stop-shop for resources to run your business better. We help businesses boost their revenue and help them operate in an optimized way.

Who we are

We, at Cloudify, believe that the success of your business depends on how smartly you do whatever you do. Thus, we not only help you create efficient workflows and business processes but smart workflows and processes.

We deliver intelligent business solutions in the form of SaaS implementations, SaaS integrations, end-to-end workflow automation and custom API development.


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Our Mission

Cloudify’s team is on a self-started mission to help the world get rid of bad workflows and inefficient business processes. Our goal is to make sure that businesses around the world are operating in the smartest way possible.

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Our Target is to Help You Achieve Your Targets!

We, at Cloudify, are driven by a highly ambitious and motivated approach. Be it early mornings, or late nights, our team is listening. Hit us with your queries, a new project or random midnight thoughts, somebody is listening. Helping you achieve your targets is our target.

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Service Offerings at a Glance

Time is money, and you don’t want to waste money, right? Cloudify helps you save a lot of time that you’d spend doing things computers can do anyway.

Key service offerings are automating your workflows and business processes. We can also help you with SaaS implementation, SaaS integration and custom API development.


How does it work?