Our Story

Cloudify is a business process consultancy, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We specialize in digital analysis, implementation of cloud based systems and automation of business processes. As a company, we pride ourselves on having acquired a vast expertise in everything from implementing simple cloud based systems, to complex and end-to-end digitisations of businesses. The way we differentiate ourselves from similar businesses is by having a holistic and an end-to-end perspective on a business, which enables us to analyse your business and its technological infrastructure in a thorough way.

Cloudify is led by its founder and CEO, Steve Klein, who founded the company in 2016. Cloudify was founded with the simple aim of being able to vastly increase productivity, while at the same time streamlining and digitising businesses. The vision was to fully optimise and digitize the customer journey, by optimising processes, and implementing the best of breed softwares. A business’ current processes are often installed to optimise one division of the company only. Cloudify’s vision was and is, to ensure that the implemented processes not only optimise a single division, but optimise the entire business in its entirety.

Our Goal

Our goal is to enhance the digital transformation at small- and medium-sized businesses and create a solid digital foundation, which is key to thriving in the modern market.