How does the production management system help?

When you are running a business, where you manufacture your products, you have to look after the entire process. This includes keeping the raw materials in stock, setting up the correct assemblies for your workers, and guiding them through the various stages of the assembly process. SMBs usually rely on excel sheets or a lot of unstructured data to keep track of all these different aspects of the production process.

A production ERP can help you capture all of this information in a structured and accurate format. You can set up product recipes, define steps involved in the assembly, and most importantly, keep an accurate track of your entire inventory so that you can make informed decisions about your production process for the different products.

A production ERP can do everything an Inventory Management System can do, along with handling the production processes for the SKUs that your business manufactures in-house.

why choose cloudify

Why Choose Cloudify?

Katana, Inflow, Orderhive & more, each have their pros and cons. Unfortunately, as you are busy doing your business, you cannot spend your valuable time studying those systems.

We at Cloudify, carry out digital analysis, and after initial research on your business needs, we match your tech stack with the functionality offered by the PMS tool, and your budget, and decide on the functions that you need for your business. We also give you a seamless custom integration experience with other third-party apps.

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Katana helps you in managing the inventory workflows and tracking the complete production process. It tracks real-time sales with the transparency of availability to your customers.