Custom Automation Case Studies

Alert Systems

How Cloudify helped Alertsystems track customers, orders and products

Now Alertsystems can easily track customers, orders and products in real time with Woocommerce - economic integration.

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How Cloudify's Automation Solution Helped Vendemus Save Time and Reduce Errors

With Pipedrive and e-conomic integration, we helped Vendemus create draft invoices automatically.

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Helion B2B

How Cloudify Helped Helion B2B Streamlining Invoicing Process for Recurring Billing

We integrated their HubSpot account with e-conomic to automate their invoice processing.

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No more manual effort - Amalie made it possible with accounting automation

We integrated their HubSpot account with e-conomic to automate their invoice processing.

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How Gemini used HubSpot with e-conomic to streamline their deal updates

We helped them set up an integration between HubSpot and e-conomic for automatic deal updates.

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AccountingContent Creator

How Cloudify helped Contentor automate invoices and bring values

The automation helped them reduce business risks by automating invoices without any errors. This in turn, brought tremendous value to the client.

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Streamlining Customer Data Management for Dansk

Our integration ensured that a new draft invoice created in e-conomic automatically added the corresponding contact to the MailChimp mailing list.

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How Daycare stayed updated with its customer details

Daycare was adding customer info manually in their MailChimp account or mailing list of the app.

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How Cloudify Helped FreeConcept Streamline Contact Management

We created a custom API that could integrate e-conomic with MailChimp, allowing customer information to be automatically added to the mailing list.

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Mill and Mortar
E-CommerceFinance Product sale

How Mill and Mortar managed high order volumes by integrating multiple webshops with accounting

Mill and Mortar got help with automatic invoicing, creating and updating orders by integration WooCommerce and e-conomic.

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AccountingRetail Business

Cloudify helps Pubfront to automate invoicing and connect better with customers

Our team integrated Stripe with e-conomic that was used by Pubfront to manage their payments and billing systems.

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MarketingSalesSupply chainHeavy duty machinery service

How we created an automated pathway for TED IVS’s inbound marketing

Every deal they get in Pipedrive automatically generates an updated agreement in Previsto.

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How we helped WERD focus on e-commerce and accounting at once

Cloudify enabled WERD to create automated invoices from fulfilled orders in Amazon, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing errors.

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How we helped WestCoast develop a powerful web interface with Uniconta

We created a custom-made sales tool using Retool, which was designed to integrate with Uniconta to provide real-time sync of supplier and sales order information.

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How ZegoTech Streamlined Contact Addition with Automation

ZegoTech wanted to automate the process of contact addition to save time and effort that they were spending manually adding this information.

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Forlaget Andersen

How Forlaget Andersen managed its inventory and improved business processes

Forlaget Andersen had its own platform for managing its inventory. They needed help with managing their customer and order details under one platform.

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AccountingRental service

How Dinesen generated automated invoices for clients with every new booking or payment made.

Dinesen needed help with automating the process of booked/draft invoice creation and automate the general entry process.

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How Gladteknik established project management best practices

No more data copy pasting for Gladteknik. We integrated their Trello account with Jotform for efficient project management.

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Finance IT

Focusing on the business value that has been created by the automation of crucial business processes

We integrated Syncro with Visma e-conomic for Nerd911 for invoice creation, syncing customers, and matching up products.

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How veo automated order creation and statuses for more upselling opportunities

Veo enables sports teams to record and analyse matches and training sessions without a camera operator. Cloudify helped Veo automatically send info between Shopify and Pipedrive.

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How USabcd increased their ecommerce sales

The automation ensured that order data was transferred accurately, reducing the risk of errors and streamlining their accounting processes.

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Finance IT

How Cloudify Helped Nerd 911 automate accounting process

We integrated Syncro with Visma e-conomic for Nerd 911 for invoice creation, syncing customers, and matching up products.

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Arne Aksel
Supply chainSalesAccountingDesign

How Arne Aksel saved its resources and time by digitising the complete value chain and enriching customer experience

We helped them integrate Pipedrive, Katana and e-conomic and built custom work processes according to their business needs.

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Hi-Fi Freaks

How Cloudify helped Hi-Fi Freaks gain autonomy on their accounting process

Cloudify seamlessly integrated Amazon and e-conomic to automate their invoicing process

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How Cloudify Optimised Talents-Unlimited’s Processes with Pipedrive-e-conomic Integration

Learn how Cloudify made Talents-Unlimited's processes easier with Pipedrive and e-conomic connection.

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E-CommerceAccountingProduct sale

How Cloudify helped Psyche Organic revolutionise their e-commerce business

Now draft invoice creation is automated for Psyche-Organic when any order is placed on Shopify with Shopify - e-conomic integration.

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How Cloudify did a seamless integration between HubSpot and e-conomic for s360.

S360 can now manage all its customer billings at once, whether its monthly, annually or quarterly, with HubSpot - e-conomic integration.

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How Cloudify helped Interresearch streamline its invoicing process

With real-time updates on invoice statuses, decision-making has now become faster for Interresearch, leading to improved financial management.

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How Cloudify helped WoodUpp streamline its business process

The real-time sync between Hubspot and Business Central keeps customer data up-to-date for WoodUpp.

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Bite drink

How Cloudify automated the invoicing process for Bite Drink

We made sure that all important information from your e-conomic invoice gets copied over to Zoho Analytics automatically for Bite Drink.

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Implementation case studies

Supply chainAccountingManufacturing

Streamlining your manufacturing processes and sales tracking just got easier with Viperflex’s Katana implementation with Cloudify

The best thing we could do for them was to implement Katana which helped them keep track of the products as well as manufacture the products when they were out of stock. We continued working with Viperflex to integrate Katana with MSBC.

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How we helped Glycospot create professional invoices automatically

The team implemented HubSpot and also created custom automation that met Glycospot's business requirements, and e-conomic was integrated to generate invoices and automate the invoicing process.

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How Cloudify Automated CHS Container's Sales

Cloudify's solution involved implementation of Pipedrive and custom integration of Rackbeat, a warehouse management system.

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