Project Overview

Interresearch, a top-tier Danish analysis institute specialising in employee, manager, and customer surveys, was faced with a complex operational challenge. Annually assisting over 500 companies in conducting surveys and collecting millions of responses, Interresearch needed to streamline its workflow involving Pipedrive and Visma e-conomic applications.

The Challenge

What did Interresearch needed help with?

Interresearch's existing process was complex and manual. When a deal was won in Pipedrive, it triggered a series of actions including drafting invoices, fetching deal information, creating customer and product records in e-conomic, and uploading invoice PDFs to the Pipedrive deal. The process was prone to error and demanded significant time and resources. The renewal process for invoiced deals further complicated the workflow with a range of custom fields and specific actions to consider.

The Solution

How did we approach it?

We started by fetching deal information from Pipedrive to initiate the drafting of an invoice. This data was used to search for existing customer information in e-conomic or create a new customer record if one didn't exist. A similar process was undertaken for products attached to the Pipedrive deal. With the customer, products, and contacts information collected, a draft invoice was created in e-conomic. After this, an invoice PDF was fetched from e-conomic and uploaded to the Pipedrive deal. Next, we fetched the booked invoice information from e-conomic to update the invoice status. The workflow was designed to reflect changes in the invoice status in real-time, ensuring up-to-date information for better decision-making. Lastly, we set up a renewal process triggered when a deal moved to "Invoiced Renewals." Here, a copy of the deal was created, considering specific custom fields. Changes were made to the copied deal based on a pre-determined set of rules such as updating the price of existing products, setting up the subscription and last invoice dates, and moving the deal to the "Renewals" stage.

Automations delivered - SaaS apps that helped Interresearch grow:

  • Pipedrive - Pipedrive managed and tracked the sales processes of Interresearch.

  • e-conomic - The accounting automation software was integrated to generate invoices and draft orders.

The Results

The implementation of Cloudify's solution brought forth a transformative change in Interresearch's business operations. Our automated workflows significantly reduced the time and resources spent on manual tasks, thereby enhancing productivity. With real-time updates on invoice statuses, decision-making became faster and more precise, leading to improved financial management. The automated renewal process ensured no revenue was lost due to overlooked renewals, leading to an overall increase in profitability. Moreover, the error-free and efficient operation of the system resulted in heightened customer satisfaction and trust. With these improvements, Interresearch was able to further solidify its position as a leader in the Danish analysis industry. The collaboration with Cloudify thus resulted in tangible business outcomes, fostering growth and success for Interresearch.

Why Cloudify become the perfect choice for Interresearch?

Let’s explore the reasons:

  • Strong Partnerships: Our strong understanding of Pipedrive and Visma e-conomic applications, along with the knowledge of Interresearch's workflow, allowed us to design a custom solution that not only automated tasks but also optimised the entire workflow.
  • Automation Experts: Our team comprises skilled automation experts who go beyond app implementation. We excel in integrating systems and orchestrating related automation processes. This expertise ensures a comprehensive approach to streamlining operations and maximising efficiency.
  • Process Consultants: At Cloudify, we are more than just an automation provider. We serve as your trusted process consultants, guiding businesses towards holistic growth. By leveraging smarter workflows and intelligent processes, we help optimise operations, enhance sales performance, and drive revenue growth.
  • Diverse Offerings: Our range of offerings includes digital analysis, SaaS implementation, and automation solutions. This comprehensive suite of services enables us to address various aspects of your business requirements and support your growth journey effectively.
  • Marketplace by Cloudify: As part of our commitment to delivering value, we have curated our own marketplace featuring a wide range of apps with predefined workflows. This marketplace serves as a valuable resource for businesses seeking ready-to-use solutions and accelerating their automation initiatives.
  • Customisation Capabilities: We understand that every business is unique, and their automation needs may vary. Cloudify excels in providing customised solutions tailored to fit both simple and complex automation requirements. Our ability to adapt to your specific needs ensures that you receive an automation solution that perfectly aligns with your business goals.

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