What is OrderHive?

Orderhive is a multi-channel order, shipping, and inventory management software for small businesses, retailers, e-commerce sellers, and wholesalers. It lends all-in-one enterprise solutions for multi-channel selling and back-end order fulfillment while maintaining a centralized and real-time inventory tracking system.

What do you get with OrderHive?

Live inventory management

Optimise, control, and forecast your complete inventory - products and raw materials.

Return Fulfillment

You can process returns, on sales orders as well as purchase orders to ensure an up to date overview of the inventory and the different orders.


Orderhive’s sales, purchasing, and inventory reports help you get an overall picture of the supply chain and make future decisions based on the current trends followed by your customers

In-built integrations

Orderhive can be connected with e-commerce or accounting apps to get you up and running in minutes.


You can set up workflows inside of Orderhive to automate your fulfilment process. You can filter triggers based on different conditions and set up multiple actions to help the fulfilment process.

In-app barcode scanning

Easily receive your purchase orders or fulfil your picklists by scanning barcodes for different products instead of entering their SKUs manually

How we do it

Manage your inventory in realtime with Cloudify

Now focus on your business by automating tasks within your business operations and across multiple apps with Orderhive implementation with Cloudify.

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