Integrate ecommerce software with Cloudify

Cloudify offers you a platform to gain high flexibility in the ecommerce solution and use it as per your business requirements and functional capabilities. You will now have more content management possibilities, autonomy in categorising your products, and achieve the desired interaction level with the customers.

Product structure set up

Cloudify implements proper structure for the ecommerce businesses to display their products.

Customer/ Company structure set up

We help you generate a customer database by collecting data from the app.

Theme configuration

ecommerce platform offers many themes, and Cloudify helps you in populating your chosen themes with product details.

Store set up

We help you create routes and links for the ecommerce products to the specific webpages.

Marketplace apps requirement analysis

We help you spot different apps hosted by the ecommerce software and understand their functionalities in fulfilling your requirements.

Implementing inbuilt integrations

We help you implement the apps that are already provided within the ecommerce app.

Integrating with unavailable systems

The apps that are not supported by the ecommerce software, Cloudify lets you custom integrate with those apps.

Benefits of implementing eCommerce

Increase in sales margin

With ecommerce implementation, you get to manage your product prices and thus raise your sales margins.

Create automated cycle

You can create an automated cycle of the repeated tasks that you were performing earlier.

Connect your customers

You get to connect with potential customers who might be unavailable previously due to time constraints or varying operating hours.

Building your database

Ecommerce software lets you build your customer database based on the interests that let you produce marketing leads.

Give the control

Now empower your customers to take control over and how they did like to shop.

Custom integrations

You can integrate your ecommerce apps with other SaaS for gaining the most out of it and increasing the efficiency of your business.

Integrating popular eCommerce apps


Shopify offers you a wide array of customisation as per your business needs, where you can run and grow your ebuisness. The app enables you to manage your products, orders that are places or left in cart, your manpower and the customers.


Magento lets you enjoy a multi-channel commerce experience, i.e. from managing your catalogs to fulfilment of payments. What you get is an extendable, flexible and scalable ecommerce platform.


With Woocommerce, you not only can set up your store but also offer flexible payment gateways, manage all your online orders, and customise the platform as per your business needs.

Implement ecommerce software with Cloudify

Cloudify is your process consultant that specialises in delivering scalable technology solutions for e‑commerce and your business needs.

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