What is an Inventory management system?

An IMS is all you need to avoid running out of stock or managing surplus stock again. You can generate reports inside your IMS which help you gain insights into the trends of your customers and also get an understanding of your best-performing SKUs. Using all this data you can make an informed decision for your business's future growth.

To summarise:

The IMS gives you the possibility of administrating and optimising work processes such as:

why choose cloudify

Why Choose Cloudify?

We at Cloudify, carry out digital analysis, based on this, we match your tech stack with the functionality offered by the IMS tool, and your budget, and decide on the functions that you need for your business. We also give you a seamless custom integration experience with other third-party apps.

Examples of systems



Explore all aspects of Orderhive, starting from inventory management, shipping to multichannel order, by seamlessly implementing Orderhive with Cloudify. You can automate your stock updates, order management, ecommerce inventories, and more.



InFlow is your all-in-one inventory management software that prevents stock outs by keeping a note of what goes in and what gets ordered. This lets you stay one step ahead of the demand.