What is inFlow?

Inventory checks take up valuable work hours. Inflow offers the functionality of tracking your inventory with absolute precision. inFlow shows you which SKUs are in stock, what’s been reserved, and what’s on order. And reorder points help you stay proactive about restocking before you ever run out. The UX is easy to use with a well-defined structure to manage different parts of the supply chain.

Why implement inFlow?

Live inventory management

Optimise, control, and forecast your complete inventory - products and raw materials.


inFlow’s 38 sales, purchasing, and inventory reports help you get an overall picture of the supply chain.

Return Fulfillment

You can process returns, along with the creation and management of purchase orders to make purchasing and receiving easy.

B2B Portal

inFlow’s Showroom is a B2B portal that makes it easy to create rich product catalogues you can customize and share online.

In-app barcode scanning

Keep track of all ins and outs of the stock to prevent stock outs.

Inbuilt integrations

Inflow can be connected with e-commerce or accounting apps to get you up and running in minutes.

How do we do it?

Complete visibility of your inventory across channels

At Cloudify, you get a centralised view of your inventory and update your stock levels across all sales channels and warehouses.

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