Business Analysis and Digital transformation

Digital analysis of a business’ processes, along with its technological infrastructure, can be an eye-opener. Often many processes are a result of the habits of a business, combined with their available systems.

At Cloudify, we have an end-to-end approach to the digital analysis of your business, which assures an overall understanding of what the business’ processes look like, the technologies used, and their faults and inefficiencies. The continuous innovative attitude of our team is always on the lookout to spot new technological infrastructures to support and boost your business.

We Offer Two types of Digital Analysis

Digital analysis

Overall Analysis

Here we look, on an overall level, at the company, its value chain, processes and tech used by the company.

The overall analysis consists of: 1 workshop

Reports of:

Overall mapping of the company's existing processes and tech stack.

Quantification of the most essential processes

Identification of areas where improvement is needed

Suggestion for new process mapping with improved processes and technologies



Digital analysis

Deep Dive Analysis

Here we examine a specific part of the value chain - eg. sales

The overall analysis consists of: 2 workshops

  1. With management to get the vision and scope.
  2. With company specialists who deep dive into the processes and requirements

Reports of:

List of requirements for the identification of two software systems

Demo of the two systems - end to end based on the requirements

Recommendation of system

Implementation plan for proposed system including timeline and price



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