How We Do It

Cloudify as your Implementation Partner

Holistic and thorough approach to your business

Maintain long-standing client relationships and commitments.

Vast experience in implementing software

Optimize part of, or entire value chain.

Competitive prices and strong collaborations

Implement with Cloudify

Cloudify boasts the expertise and ability to implement Cloud-based systems across the entire value chain. Even though we implement systems in different areas, the three main areas of expertise are:


At Cloudify, we help select the right CRM, get it configured correctly, and optimise for the busines processes. We help you integrate with other SaaS apps as well with flexibility to meet your business needs with an end-to-end perspective of understanding the business value chain and the overall process flow of the organization.

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Inventory & Supply Chain Management:

In Cloudify, we help you unlock end-to-end visibility and gain total floor control by managing billing, tracking inventory, managing sales, and purchase orders, and more to manage the product and customer demands.

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Product Management

Cloudify helps you streamline work orders, schedule floor control, drag and drop capacity planning, have control over the shop floor, and integrate project control through increased productivity, agility and efficiency with implementation of production management software.

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Connect all departments

If there is a need for integrating different systems together, it's entirely possible, and Cloudify fully assists you in integrating the said systems. This further level of customisation leads to a more detailed level of fit, in terms of what your needs are and how tailormade it can be.

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