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Choose the Right SaaS Product

We help you pick the right SaaS products designed to meet your business needs. Feeling lost in a sea of SaaS products? We’re here to help.

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Implementation of the SaaS Product

Custom SaaS implementation along with the required support and maintenance so that you can jump into work right away without having to figure things out yourself.

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Reducing Enterprise Complexity

Reducing enterprise complexity and optimizing your business landscape, so that you actually benefit from the SaaS implementation.

Take Your Business to the Cloud with Cloudify’s Custom SaaS Implementation

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Cloudify is Your Digital SaaS Architect

Chances are that you’d quickly find SaaS products that are readily available for use, however, when it comes to choosing the right SaaS products for critical areas of your business, including but not limited to accounting, human resources, administration, and supply chain management, you may find yourself drowning in a sea of products with every product claiming to be equally good.

What do you do in such a situation? You turn to Cloudify! Cloudify not only helps you with the implementation of SaaS products but also makes sure that you choose the right SaaS products for your business. If you start with the wrong product, you may end up wasting a lot of time, effort and energy and it won’t be surprising if you stop using the product altogether a few months down the lane.

Cloudify believes in analyzing your business requirements first and foremost. Every business is unique concerning its structure, overall software environment and other factors. We help identify key risks and opportunities before suggesting any SaaS products. Once we are done choosing the right SaaS products for your business, we help you implement these in the right way and provide you with continuous follow-up support and maintenance. We leave no stone unturned to make your business’s journey to the cloud smooth.

Still Wondering Why You Should Turn to the Cloud?

Residing in a shared environment, SaaS products usually have a lower cost as compared to what you’d pay for getting software built from scratch. Plus, no upfront cost of purchase / installation, as well as reduced on-going costs such as maintenance and upgrades.

Time is money and SaaS products take this quite seriously. SaaS products are readily available for use, in fact it is as easy as getting an internet connection. Said that, SaaS products are easy to use and your workforce can easily adapt to the new software.

SaaS products are easily scalable and flexible. You can easily upgrade or downgrade your plan with no commitments whatsoever. This is usually not the case when you get software built in-house.

SaaS products have the pay-as-you-go model. No upfront cost of purchase or installation. Pay a monthly or annual subscription fee and you are sorted.

With SaaS products, you don’t have to worry about dealing with an outdated system. Isn’t this amazing that you have the latest version live as you log in?

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost depends on your requirements. We do simple configurations starting at 1000 USD to complete implementations including a digital analysis, data migration, complete configuration and implementation, integrating and automating with other systems, education of the users and maintenance. The cost for end to end projects typically depends on system and integration needs.

Cloudify takes special care of all the business data that you share with us. Your data is absolutely secure plus we maintain complete transparency on how your data is being used.

The time frame varies from project to project. End to end projects usually take anything between two weeks and a month to complete.

No, we work with all kinds of businesses, not just enterprises. We are certified experts and no matter if you need a simple Zap built or a complete CRM implementation for an enterprise, we got you covered.

You can get in touch with the sales team by booking your free consultation. Post the consultation session, we shall share a custom quote with you depending on your requirements. This shall also include the time it’d take and any other details you’d want to know.

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