Knowing Pipedrive and what it offers

Pipedrive is all about sales and getting up your revenue engines running smoothly. Pipedrive is an intelligent CRM system that addresses the pain points of your sales team.

It offers excellent customizations, filter views, lead to deal conversion, lead segmentation & more. The user experience is super intuitive and easy to use while reducing the friction in your entire sales process.

A promising sales pipeline is proven to speed up deal closing and stop deals from falling through the cracks. Pipedrive empowers your sales team to document, measure and track all the leads and associated deals in a centralized place.

Lead nurturing, lead bots & plenty of other automation make your life easier and more efficient. So that your team can focus on closing deals and getting that cash in rather than entering & maintaining data most of the time.

Why Pipedrive?

There are plenty of other CRMs that are available. However, we recommend Pipedrive for the following reasons

Compared to other CRMs, Pipedrive offers you with an interactive user-interface and feature-rich dashboard for your businesses.

When you create activities in Pipedrive, these are synced over to the linked and preferred calendar systems like that of Google, Outlook, Office, or Exchange.

Whether you are live on desktop or android devices, you can interact directly with your customers using the Pipedrive live chat feature and can generate qualified leads.

Now you can create custom reports and dashboards on your Pipedrive leads and deals. You can create deals and update the same from reports.

With powerful API in place, PIpedrive lets you connect with other software and let you automate your sales and marketing workflows.

Just provide the external email address of the customer you want to sync to Pipedrive from Google, Microsoft, or iCloud. All the customer info remains at one place.

Implement Pipedrive with Cloudify

At Cloudify, we do a digital analysis of your business. The analysis aims, to identify the knowledge and data, that is necessary for the implementation of Pipedrive. Digital analysis is foundational for our understanding of your business processes.

We take a holistic and end-to-end perspective on your business as a whole. With Cloudify, you can integrate Pipedrive with other systems, and automate simple as well as complex workflows, depending on your business' needs. This ensures an optimal flow of data, across your business, and the automation saves time for you to dedicate to the value creating work for your business.

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Pipedrive Pricing Tiers


Pipeline setup

Deal stage setup

Custom fields setup

Workflow definition

Goal Setup

Data Migration

Lead Generation


Inbuilt integration setup

Comprehensive user training

Training materials

Development and a follow-up meeting

Individual Administrator Support

The duration of the project is about 3 to 4 weeks

The duration of the project is about 6 to 8 weeks