Pipedrive Will Change the Way You Sell

Pipedrive is a super CRM that will change the way you sell. The only CRM designed especially for salespeople, Pipedrive is something your sales team will fall in love with.

Taking Your Sales Game to the Next Level With Pipedrive

Track Communications

Pipedrive allows you to keep track of your communications on the go. No more missed follow-ups and no more leads going cold. Track your communications on the go and stay on top of the leads.

Manage Leads & Deals

Managing leads and deals was never easier. Pipedrive’s drag and drop feature and the nice board look allows you to keep track of which deal is in which stage. Won a deal? Simply drag it to WON!

Seamless Automation

Pipedrive is a smart CRM that comes with your personal sales assistant. Automate all the repetitive tasks and make sure that you focus on what actually matters the most.

Exclusive Insights and Reports

Get exclusive insights on how your sales team is performing and what needs to be worked upon. Plus, you get real-time updates to keep a track of which deals need priority attention and what can wait.

Privacy & Security

Pipedrive allows smooth integration with other SaaS products. Connect Pipedrive with your email marketing tool, accounting software or any other SaaS products you use, that’s totally possible.

Easy Integrations

Pipedrive is an integration friendly CRM that allows smooth integration with other SaaS products. Connect Pipedrive with your email marketing tool or accounting software, that’s totally possible.

The Three Step Process at Cloudify

A Glimpse of What Awaits You


A thorough analysis of your business requirements, your sales strategy and how exactly Pipedrive can fit into the realities of what you do.


Implementing Pipedrive for your business, data migration, setting up contacts, and everything else that you need to use it.


Educating your team on how you can make the most out of Pipedrive and integrating it with other SaaS products that you use.

Popular Pipedrive Integrations

Integrate Pipedrive with PandaDoc to save a lot of time and allow deal data such as contact information, product information and pricing details flow smoothly into the Pandadoc documents. Also, easily log the history of sent documents and track their status without any hassle. One of the best ways to keep your entire sales team in the loop on the status of any ongoing deal.

As soon as a deal is won, make sure that you add the client to your subscriber list. And that too without manually creating a contact in Mailchimp (or any other email marketing tool that you use). Send targeted emails and keep nurturing your leads on the go. Said that, never let a lead go cold again and discover amazing upsell opportunities.

Amazing chance to connect Pipedrive with more than 500 applications right away. Play around with Zapier triggers and see what all you can do. Create smart workflows, redefine your business processes and boost your business productivity and revenue like a pro. With Zapier’s user-friendly interface, sky’s the limit to what you acn automate.

What Does All of This Cost?

The pricing depends on what your exact requirements are. Every business is unique and has its own expectations from a CRM. Thus, we can quote a price only when we have understood what exactly you are looking for.

Book a free consultation session with us to help us understand your vision and requirements. One of our experts will get in touch with you and once we are on the same page, we shall provide you with a customized quote and the exact number of hours it would take to get Pipedrive up and running for you.

On-demand Support

On-demand, remote support. Facing an issue with Pipedrive? Not sure how to integrate it with other applications? We got you! Submit your support ticket and we’ll get back to you.

Reduced Cost, Expert Advice

Turn to Cloudify for expert Pipedrive advice and consultation. Anyday a better pick than hiring someone in-house, reduce cost and work with Pipedrive Elite Partners.

Extended Trial of 45 Days

Sign up for Pipedrive using our link and claim an extended 45 days of the free trial. Experience all the features and get a hang of Pipedrive before you commit.

Making the Most Out of the CRM

After we implement the Pipedrive CRM for your business, we also make sure that your team makes the most out of it. It’s on us to educate your team on how to use it.

Frequently Asked Questions

The free Pipedrive trail is for 45 days. Post that, in case you like Pipedrive (which we are sure you would), and wish to continue, you shall be charged per user per month.

This depends on what the exact requirements are. We would need to see your existing data sources and how long it would take to set up the CRM for you. Please request a custom quote to know the exact pricing.

Usually it takes anything between two weeks and a month. Request a free consultation to know the exact number of hours it’d take.

Cloudify takes special care of your business data. We maintain complete transparency as to how your data is being processed and used.

Book your free consultation session and one of our team members will get in touch with you to collect your requirements. Post the discussion, we shall reach out to you with a custom quote for your business.

The 45 days free trial is a no obligation, no commitments trial. If you don’t like Pipedrive, you can cancel your free trial any time.

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