The Value of Cloudify: Powering Native Plug and Play Automation

In a world where efficiency is paramount, we've taken the helm in creating these code free apps. Why? Because we understand that simplicity matters. Our integrations operate seamlessly within renowned external marketplaces like HubSpot, Pipedrive, Stripe, Salesforce, Shopify, and may more.

Power of direct and simple integration

No external iPaaS systems; no additional layers of complexity. Everything is configured and executed right within the very system you're working in. The result? A cohesive experience where actions unfold in harmony with your chosen platform.

Enhanced Possibilities

The DIY or code-free apps with Cloudify open doors to innovative ways of integrating and displaying data, transforming your business processes without requiring a single line of code.

Tailored Deep Integration

Experience bespoke integrations designed specifically for each platform, with relevant features and deeper connections, such as HubSpot's unique ecosystem, delivering enhanced functionality and relevance. Relevant features come to the forefront, ensuring your business thrives within its digital habitat.

Cost Efficiency

By bypassing the need for a separate integration platform, Cloudify offers potential cost savings without compromising on the quality of integration.

Our Core Competencies

Digital Analysis

By understanding your business' existing processes and tech stack, we identify inefficiencies and room for innovation. This ensures that your technology is perfectly attuned to your business processes and functionality.

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Digital Analysis

Implementation of Cloud-Based Systems

As your technology ally, we meticulously select the tech stack you require and manage a structured onboarding and training process. Our goal is to elevate your marketing and sales performance by ensuring technology serves your business goals effectively.

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Custom automation and system integration

Once your optimised processes and tech stack are in place, we work to work to make sure, through our tailored solutions. This guarantees that you have the right data at the right time, exactly where you need it.

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Workflow Automation

Cloudify offers custom automation tailored for your business


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