Automated Workflows to Get Things Done Without Worrying About Who Will Do What

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Integrating SaaS Products

Turn to workflow automation, connect various SaaS products you use and get things done.

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Boosting Your Productivity

Boost your productivity by automating all the recurring tasks. Work on what actually drives value.

Increased Business Revenue

Increased Business Revenue

Make more time for what matters and increase your productivity and business revenue.

Some Popular Examples of Automation in Action

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What Should You Get Automated?

Smart processes should not be difficult to create. But, what exactly does qualify for a smart process? To put it otherwise, what should you get automated?

Every business is unique and it can be difficult to figure out what SaaS products you need and what workflows would boost the productivity the most. Citing this, Cloudify makes sure that everything we suggest is driven by the unique requirements your business has.

We, at Cloudify, believe in performing a deep drill down into your business, and understand what processes you have implemented to come up with the best workflow automation solutions and services you’d consider implementing.

Why Workflow Automation?

An increasing number of businesses and entrepreneurs are turning to workflow automation for taking their business to the next level. Still wondering why workflow automation?

Save time, effort and energy using workflow automation. Always find yourself struggling with what to focus on because you have a lot on your plate? Leave a few things to computers and focus on what actually matters the most.

Because computers never get tired of working! Boost your business’s productivity using workflow automation. Automate a few parts of your business value chain and experience the boost in productivity for yourself.

Better productivity means increased revenue. Use smarter processes and intelligent workflows to get more done in a short interval of time and boost your business revenue manifold.

How often do you commit mistakes while copying data from your Google Sheets to Trello? Quite often? Well, what if we say that software can do it faster than you and with improved accuracy? Sounds amazing, right?

Optimise your business value chain as a whole rather than attending to one department at a time. See how data flows between departments and set things on autopilot, so that you sit back and think of ideas to scale your business rather than being stuck with operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost entirely depends on what processes you want automated. There is no fixed price, it depends on your requirements.

Almost every small and large business is leveraging the power of automation today to scale the business. Workflow automation can entirely change the way you do business. It’s definitely worth it.

Depending on what you deal in, you can get different parts of your business automated. If you have a webshop, eCommerce automation may be of interest to you. Lead automation and marketing automation can be of interest to almost any business.

Please book a free consultation with us to discuss your requirements. Once we have analyzed your requirements, we shall reach out to you with a custom quote and time frame for completion of the project.

We, at Cloudify, take special care of your business data. Your data is absolutely secure with us, and we maintain complete confidentiality.

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