What is a CRM?

A CRM system gives your business an efficient customer-centric tool to manage, drive and track a customer journey in your business. A CRM system is way more than just a customer relationship tool; it lets you strategize efficiently, and take data-backed business decisions.

Why do you need a CRM software?

Lead scoring based on triggers

Multiple contacts within a company

Contact title

Note history

Detailed reporting, and more.

Choosing the right CRM software for your business

Choosing an apt CRM software can be a daunting task, but it’s important. No matter what the size of your business is, whether small or large, the right CRM software can help you cut through the competition.

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Benefits of CRM implementation

You get a centralised place where you can store all your business data and manage it at ease with no fear of data loss.

The software integrates a company’s typical workflow and time spent on the tasks through automation.

Customer engagement and consistency are two of the unsung benefits of a CRM system.

A CRM system can track customer behaviour and purchasing patterns. It can help your team develop a micro-targeted plan and strategy for encouraging more sales.

An apt CRM system is robust enough to track sales progress and follow up. The platform offers a starting point to act on sales trends and close gaps.

Many CRM tools offer personalized features that play a crucial part in determining purchase decisions.

The CRM system increases retention among the existing customers through its ability to aggregate customer behaviour and spot patterns.

Why choose Cloudify for your CRM implementation?

CRM implementation

Features and Functionalities

Cloudify offers the flexibility to meet your business needs with an end-to-end perspective of understanding the business value chain and the overall process flow of the organization.

We are business process oriented.

We evaluate your current processes and existing tech stack based on which our team comes up with recommendations.

We also contribute to improving your processes and automation within your CRM and the systems that interact with it.

Here is our proven methodology



We map the processes and systems across the value chain. We not only understand our client’s requirements but also their objectives and tech stack.



We configure the system as per the analysis.


Data wash and migration

We gather all the data points and migrate.


Implementation & integration

Performance of system integration and automation of processes.


Training / Change management

The post-implementation training will lead to a smooth CRM adoption and you will be able to know its user-friendliness.

CRM systems that you can implement with us

The CRM software gives you a seamless connection experience with third-party apps. Now, with enhanced CRM implementation software in the market, you get a chance to ready your business and serve the kind of customer experience that earns you an unbeatable competitive edge.

CRM implementation companies

Pipedrive organizes your sale, focuses on your sales action, tracks your progress towards goals, manages leads, automates repetitive work, tracks communication, and more.

CRM implementation companies

Hubspot streamlines the lead hand-off process, creation of timeline activities, and its management through Hubspot intelligence, pipeline visibility, measuring campaign success, a specialized Hubspot workflow tool for task assignments, and automation triggers, closing of the loops between sales and marketing, and more.

We make implementation simple for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer relationship management (CRM), in simple words, is a technology for managing your company’s interactions with customers and potential customers. The CRM software helps you connect with the customers, streamline business processes, and improve profitability.

  1. A CRM system not only reaches potential customers, but it also helps you win your businesses through information distribution among your customers and building a strong relationship with them. This CRM platform can also connect with other applications for document signing, billing, accounting and surveys to help develop your customer relations and give you a 360 degrees view of their behaviour. Here are some of the broad activities that a CRM software can do.
  1. Direct improvements to the bottom line.
  1. Identification and categorisation of leads.
  1. Increased referrals from existing clients.
  1. Better customer experience and support service
  1. Improving the services and products. To know more about the integration of the CRM platform with different apps, get in touch with our automation experts.

There are a plethora of CRM software options available that include CRM tools like HubSpot CRM, Pipedrive CRM, Zoho CRM, Sugar CRM, Oracle CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, among others.