36%High rate of closed deals with HubSpot
2.1XHigher growth with user-friendly CRM
74%Closed deal with Sales and Marketing Hub in 1 y
131%High customer satisfaction with customised CRM

Knowing HubSpot and what it offers

HubSpot is an all-in-one suite of revenue enablement tools that extends across all revenue teams (Sales, Marketing, Service). It unifies your Marketing, Sales and Service databases, shares data between the different departments, and organizes and tracks all communication with customers. HubSpot supports over 135,000+ customers globally and with a constantly growing customer base, so you are in good hands!

While HubSpot is a great platform, with many useable features, it won’t work by itself. Your business is unique and you need to tailor the system, so it is as aligned as possible with your needs and expectations. You need an implementation & onboarding strategy to get the most out of your HubSpot investment.

How Cloudify will help you implement HubSpot

Are you struggling to attract new visitors, close more deals, and streamline your entire value chain? HubSpot can do all of this and more, and Cloudify is here to help you implement it.

We at Cloudify will help your team go above and beyond the realm of HubSpot & capabilities. We are not a marketing agency. We won’t be doing your marketing or sales activities.

That’s right! we offer a uniquely different flavor of HubSpot by connecting it to your other areas of business like inventory management, accounting & more.

We have a fleet of implementation experts and integration developers that will ensure that you & your team bend HubSpot to your will and get the most out of your investment! We also have an exclusive surprise service for all our customers.

Competitive monthly prices for all tiers

We love to see our customers grow and are happy to ensure you get value from your investment. That is why our prices are one of the most cost effective around. Getting started with HubSpot usually involves a number of ‘one off' tasks. These are the steps necessary to get your HubSpot portal up and running but only need to be done once. Let our experts help you get the best start possible.


Efficient implementation project for smaller organisations

Starting from:

3.400 kr.

Mapping your customer journey

Configuring Hubspot to needs

Setting up workflows

Comprehensive user training

Follow-up meeting

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For larger Organisations looking for a comprehensive solution

Starting from:

55.000 kr.

Includes Standard packages

Comprehensive user training in groups

Team specific training materials

Reporting training

Low-code integration mapping

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Interested in knowing what HubSpot has in store for you?

Looking to take your business to the next level with HubSpot implementation? Look no further than Cloudify! Our team of experts can help you implement HubSpot quickly and efficiently, giving you access to all the benefits of this powerful marketing and sales platform. With Cloudify, you'll enjoy a seamless integration process, expert support and guidance every step of the way, and a range of valuable benefits that will help you grow your business like - improved lead generation, streamlined sales and marketing processes, better customer insights, and increased productivity.

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Hubspot Implementation

HubSpot tools highlight

HubSpot tools come packaged in “Hubs” crafted for specific revenue functions.

 Tracking customers

Marketing Hub

Serves as your command center for marketing with feature-rich tools, such as email marketing, audience segmentation, intelligent and dynamic landing pages, SEO, social media management, paid advertisement management, marketing automation, smart forms, chatbots & much more.


Sales Hub

The sales hub is all about pre-sales and sales rated functions with features like smart meetings, email templates, snippets, pipeline management, automatic sales sequences, sales automation, live chat & more.

You can glimpse the HubSpot ecosystem’s huge scope, right? To implement and onboard your team, you would need a laid-out strategy.

Success Stories

Transform Your Business with Our HubSpot Integration Services

Streamline your business operations and boost productivity with our HubSpot integration services. Contact us today to learn how we can help you automate your marketing, sales, and customer service processes using the power of HubSpot. We have limited slots available per month, so book your consultation today to reserve your spot!

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