How does it work?

The process automation calculator is a no-code workflow automation RoI calculator that can be used by businesses working across multiple disciplines. It’s quite simple!

Analyse your business processes

Analyse your business processes

The goal being knowing your RoI on the planned automation, analysing and zeroing down on all the business processes that you are currently operating is important.

Working essentials

Working essentials

Select your preferred currency from the drop-down menu. Input the details required to calculate RoI either through sliders or enter it manually.

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Get in touch

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Automate. Every second counts

The Process Automation Calculator is used to decipher the amount of time and money you can save on automation. Take your time. In just 5-10 mins, identify the processes that need automation using the automation calculator. This calculator generates an automated savings report, thus providing valuable insights into your manual processing costs and potential savings.

The RoI analysis is done by considering different categories of possible savings that include:

  • Manual hours saved
  • Quality improvement through error reduction
  • Productivity gain
  • Improved business agility


The universal Process Automation Calculator shows a measurable impact on the top-line revenue of your business.

Based on the RoI analysis by our no-code process automation calculator, we give an estimation of your potential savings on the time and cost. We give you the freedom to customize your automation by visiting the Marketplace by Cloudify.

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