Project Overview

Veo is a tech startup that provides portable and affordable solutions for sports teams to record and analyse matches and training sessions. The company's innovative product eliminates the need for a camera operator, making it easier for sports teams to capture and analyse video footage for training and coaching purposes. Veo's products have gained popularity among amateur and professional sports teams alike, with a growing customer base around the world.

As Veo started growing, it needed better automation tools. Like all other sprawling businesses, the team at Veo started wondering if automation could be of any help.

Veo’s store has been set up using Shopify and Pipedrive CRM. The team at Veo used to manually create orders in Shopify when a deal was won in Pipedrive and later manually updated Pipedrive with the order status. A lot of time and resources were wasted in manually updating the systems, and there was no absolute data accuracy with high chances of manual errors. All these updates were also done in a recurring manner.

The Challenge

What did Veo needed help with?

Veo needed help with setting up automation between Shopify and Pipedrive. The expected features were:

  • They had to manually update orders in Pipedrive according to the order status in Shopify. The Shopify order status should reflect in Pipedrive CRM. Whenever an order is placed in Shopify, it should automatically be added as a deal in Pipedrive.
  • They had to manually create orders in Shopify when a deal was won in Pipedrive. The process was quite time-consuming. The deals won in Pipedrive must reflect as Shopify draft orders. When a deal is won in Pipedrive, a draft order gets automatically created in Shopify.

The Solution

How did we approach it?

Cloudify suggested a two-way sync between Shopify and Pipedrive, which allowed Veo to automate its sales processes and eliminate the need for manual data entry. Cloudify worked with Veo to design and implement a customised solution that met the company's specific needs.

The solution included the following components:

Shopify-Pipedrive Integration: A custom integration that synchronised orders between Shopify and Pipedrive, ensuring accurate and up-to-date data at all times. The integration was designed to work seamlessly in the background, so the sales team didn't have to worry about manually updating data in either system.

Two-way Sync: The integration allowed for a two-way sync between Shopify and Pipedrive, which means that data was automatically updated in both systems. For example, if a customer placed an order in Shopify, the data would be automatically synced to Pipedrive, creating a new deal. Similarly, if a deal was marked as "won" in Pipedrive, the data would be automatically synced to Shopify, creating a new order.

Custom Field Mapping: The Cloudify team worked with Veo to create custom field mappings between Shopify and Pipedrive. This ensured that the data was correctly mapped between the two systems, eliminating the risk of data errors or inconsistencies.

Automated Workflows: To further streamline the sales process, Cloudify developed custom workflows that automated certain tasks. For example, when a new deal was created in Pipedrive, an automated email was sent to the customer, confirming the order and providing relevant information. This automated workflow helped Veo to provide a better customer experience and reduce the workload on the sales team.

Training and Support: Cloudify provided comprehensive training and support to Veo's sales team, ensuring that they were able to use the new system effectively. The Cloudify team also provided ongoing support to address any issues or questions that arose.


Automations delivered - SaaS apps that helped Veo grow:

  • Zapier - Veo was already using Zapier and Cloudify helped them unlock the potential of Zapier by integrating their CRM system (Pipedrive) to Shopify via Zapier for custom automation.

  • Pipedrive - Veo was already using Pipedrive CRM and we integrated it with Shopify via Zapier for custom automation as per their business requirements.

  • Shopify - The webshop was integrated with Pipedrive CRM to sync the updates from the CRM.

The Results

With the new automation solution in place, Veo was able to streamline its sales processes and improve the efficiency of its sales team. The two-way sync between Shopify and Pipedrive ensured that customer data was always up-to-date and accurate, eliminating the need for manual data entry. This allowed the sales team to focus on more important tasks, such as building relationships with customers and closing deals. Veo's sales team was able to save a significant amount of time, which translated into increased productivity and improved customer satisfaction.

Pipedrive Integrations by Cloudify
Shopify Integrations by Cloudify

Pipedrive +Shopify

Why Cloudify become the perfect choice for Veo?

Let’s explore the reasons:

  • Strong Partnerships: Cloudify has access to advanced integration capabilities that may not be available to other solution providers. This means that we can create highly customised and sophisticated integrations that meet Veo's specific needs.
  • Automation Experts: Our team comprises skilled automation experts who go beyond app implementation. We excel in integrating systems and orchestrating related automation processes. This expertise ensures a comprehensive approach to streamlining operations and maximising efficiency.
  • Process Consultants: At Cloudify, we are more than just an automation provider. We serve as your trusted process consultants, guiding businesses towards holistic growth. By leveraging smarter workflows and intelligent processes, we help optimise operations, enhance sales performance, and drive revenue growth.
  • Diverse offerings: Our range of offerings includes digital analysis, SaaS implementation, and automation solutions. This comprehensive suite of services enables us to address various aspects of your business requirements and support your growth journey effectively.
  • Marketplace by Cloudify: As part of our commitment to delivering value, we have curated our own marketplace featuring a wide range of apps with predefined workflows. This marketplace serves as a valuable resource for businesses seeking ready-to-use solutions and accelerating their automation initiatives.
  • Customisations capabilities: We understand that every business is unique, and their automation needs may vary. Cloudify excels in providing customised solutions tailored to fit both simple and complex automation requirements. Our ability to adapt to your specific needs ensures that you receive an automation solution that perfectly aligns with your business goals.


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