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The Challenge

Starting on the path of automation

As Veo started growing, it needed better automation tools. Like all other sprawling businesses, the team at Veo started wondering if automation could be of any help. Veo’s store has been set up using Shopify and Pipedrive CRM. The team at Veo used to manually create orders in Shopify when a deal was won in Pipedrive and later manually updated Pipedrive with the order status. A lot of time and resources were wasted in manually updating the systems, and there was no absolute data accuracy with high chances of manual errors. All these updates were also done in a recurring manner.

Thus, the key challenges were:

  • They had to manually create orders in Shopify when a deal was won in Pipedrive. The process was quite time-consuming.
  • They had to manually update orders in Pipedrive according to the order status in Shopify.

What did Veo needed help with?

Veo needed help with setting up automation between Shopify and Pipedrive. The expected features were:

  • The Shopify order status should reflect in Pipedrive CRM. Whenever an order is placed in Shopify, it should automatically be added as a deal in Pipedrive.
  • The deals won in Pipedrive must reflect as Shopify draft orders. When a deal is won in Pipedrive, a draft order gets automatically created in Shopify.

The Solution

How did we approach it?

Our team of automation experts created custom fields in Pipedrive CRM so that they can easily track orders and map them directly to the order status in Shopify. For creating draft orders, some features were available in Zapier itself, the rest were carried out by custom API calls.


Automations delivered - SaaS apps that helped Veo grow:

  • Zapier - Veo was already using Zapier and Cloudify helped them unlock the potential of Zapier by integrating their CRM system (Pipedrive) to Shopify via Zapier for custom automation.

  • Pipedrive - Veo was already using Pipedrive CRM and we integrated it with Shopify via Zapier for custom automation as per their business requirements.

  • Katana - The webshop was integrated with Pipedrive CRM to sync the updates from the CRM.

Pipedrive Integrations by Cloudify
Shopify Integrations by Cloudify

Pipedrive +Shopify

Why Cloudify became the best fit for Veo?

  • Partnerships: Elite partner for Pipedrive + Shopify experts + Official partner for Zapier

  • Automation experts: Unique team of automation experts who not only help implement apps but also integrate and make the related automation.

  • Your ultimate process consultants - Cloudify helps businesses grow as a whole, manage their processes better, boost sales and increase revenue with smarter workflows and intelligent processes.

  • Our offerings: Digital analysis, SaaS implementation, and Automation

  • Marketplace by Cloudify: Digital analysis, SaaS implementation, and Automation

  • Customisations: We offer customised solutions for simple and complex business automation that best fits your business needs.

  • Lighthouse by Cloudify: Your process monitoring tool and a unified platform that gives you a bird's eye view of the whole automation process.


About Veo
Veo is a portable and affordable solution that enables sports teams to record and analyse matches and training sessions without the need for a camera operator.




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"Very happy with Cloudify to date. Seen a significant improvement in business revenue, as well as productivity of employees. Kudos to Cloudify!"

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