Project Overview

Dinesen is a company that provides exclusive service apartment rental services in Copenhagen. Despite being a successful business, Dinesen lacked any kind of integration and handled all their invoices, general entries, and payment updates manually.

The Challenge

What did Dinesen needed help with?

Dinesen needed help with automating the process of booked/draft invoice creation and automate the general entry process.

As a company that specialises in digital analysis, SaaS product implementation, and automation of processes and app integration, Cloudify was the perfect fit to assist Dinesen in their automation goals.

The Solution

How did we approach it?

To address Dinesen's business requirements, our team at Cloudify employed a systematic approach, considering the desired automation goals. Our SaaS experts conducted a comprehensive analysis of the requirements before proceeding with any integration decisions. The ultimate objective was to automate the creation of both booked and draft invoices, as well as streamline the general entry process. Our solution involved the seamless integration of three SaaS applications, working in tandem to achieve the desired automation.

e-conomic invoices:

  • Firstly, we focused on the automation of e-conomic invoices. When a reservation is confirmed in Guesty, it serves as a trigger event.
  • Subsequently, we retrieved the relevant reservation details from Guesty.
  • Leveraging this information, we either located an existing customer or created a new one within the e-conomic system.
  • As part of the automation, we then generated a draft invoice in e-conomic, aligning it with the confirmed reservation in Guesty.

Creation of journal entries:

  • Our solution encompassed the creation of journal entries in the e-conomic Deposits Journal, specifically when a successful charge was recorded in Stripe.
  • In this scenario, the trigger event originated from Stripe upon the successful completion of a charge.
  • We retrieved the corresponding Stripe charge and identified the associated e-conomic invoice.
  • The invoice was then booked within e-conomic, and a new entry was generated in the Deposits Journal, thereby automating the journal entry process.

Stripe fees functionality:

  • When triggered by the Journal Entries endpoint, the system fetched the relevant Stripe charge information.
  • We located the corresponding e-conomic invoice and marked it as booked.
  • Additionally, a new entry was created in the e-conomic Daily Journal, specifically accounting for the Stripe fees incurred.

In summary, our solution streamlined Dinesen's invoicing and journal entry processes through automation. The confirmed reservation in Guesty initiated the creation of a draft invoice in e-conomic, while successful Stripe charges triggered the generation of journal entries in the e-conomic Deposits Journal. Moreover, the Stripe fees were accounted for as journal expenses within the e-conomic Daily Journal. By integrating these processes seamlessly, our solution significantly enhanced the efficiency and accuracy in Dinesen's financial operations.

Automations delivered - SaaS apps that helped Dinesen grow:

  • Stripe - Stripe was used as the payment app where Dinesen received the charges.

  • Guesty - Guesty was used for booking reservations for the houses based on different categories provided by Dinesen.

  • e-conomic - The accounting app was integrated to generate invoices and automate invoicing.

The results

With the implementation of the new system, Dinesen was able to automate their invoice creation process, saving them valuable time and resources. The new system ensured that no invoice was missed or forgotten, as everything was done automatically. The integration of the three SaaS apps allowed for seamless communication between the systems, making the process even smoother for Dinesen.

Stripe Integrations by Cloudify

Visma e-conomic +Stripe


Guesty +Visma e-conomic

Why Cloudify become the perfect choice for Dinesen?

Let’s explore the reasons:

  • Strong Partnerships: Becoming the official partner of e-conomic app would provide significant benefits for Dinesen. As a partner, Cloudify would be able to offer Dinesen exclusive access to the latest features and updates of the e-conomic app, which would allow for even more efficient automation of their invoicing and general entry processes.
  • Automation Experts: Our team comprises skilled automation experts who go beyond app implementation. We excel in integrating systems and orchestrating related automation processes. This expertise ensures a comprehensive approach to streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency.
  • Process Consultants: At Cloudify, we are more than just an automation provider. We serve as your trusted process consultants, guiding businesses towards holistic growth. By leveraging smarter workflows and intelligent processes, we help optimise operations, enhance sales performance, and drive revenue growth.
  • Diverse Offerings: Our range of offerings includes digital analysis, SaaS implementation, and automation solutions. This comprehensive suite of services enables us to address various aspects of your business requirements and support your growth journey effectively.
  • Marketplace by Cloudify: As part of our commitment to delivering value, we have curated our own marketplace featuring a wide range of apps with predefined workflows. This marketplace serves as a valuable resource for businesses seeking ready-to-use solutions and accelerating their automation initiatives.
  • Customisation Capabilities: We understand that every business is unique, and their automation needs may vary. Cloudify excels in providing customised solutions tailored to fit both simple and complex automation requirements. Our ability to adapt to your specific needs ensures that you receive an automation solution that perfectly aligns with your business goals.


About Dinesen

Copenhagen, Denmark

Rental service


Products and services
Penthouses, suites rental services


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