Key Results achieved

5,952 HrsTime Saved
$147,372Money Saved

The Challenge

Starting on the path of automation

What Arne Aksel wanted was the first thing we did - set up a meeting to analyse their current tech stack, business and business processes they wanted to automate.

What did Arne Aksel needed help with?

Arne Aksel needed help with saving time and resources that were being used in manually carrying out the business processes like creating invoices for the customers and sending them, creating orders, accepting payments, and shipping the orders to respective customers. They were also looking forward to developing their webpage as per the specific designs and requirements of their business.

The Solution

How did we approach it?

Our SaaS experts deeply analysed their business requirements before making the integration. The goal was to create something scalable and easy to use. This involved very advanced automation that included custom made webshop and offer generator in Pipedrive.

We began with integrating Configurator, Pipedrive, Katana and e-conomic followed by building custom work processes according to their business needs.

We set a configurator in Lighthouse for Arne Aksel. From there, the client was able to create a new deal which led to the creation of a new deal in Pipedrive.

A deal in Pipedrive led to the creation of an invoice in e-conomic app and the Pipedrive deal was updated with the draft invoice number.

The trigger from Pipedrive, when a deal was won, led to the creation of sales orders in the Katana app and the Pipedrive deal was updated with the Katana order link.

Automations delivered - SaaS apps that helped Arne Aksel grow:

  • Configurator - The Configurator is rich in features and simple in nature. It does three things- Fetch a Pipedrive deal, update a Pipedrive deal, and create a Pipedrive deal.

  • Pipedrive - We used Pipedrive for custom automation as per their business requirements.

  • Katana - The inventory management app was used to create sales orders.

  • e-conomic - The accounting app was integrated to generate invoices and automate invoicing.



Here are the workflows

Fetch, update, create deal: Pipedrive deal creation from all information from the configurator.

Quote creation in e-conomic - When a customer is added in Pipedrive, create a quote in e-conomic and update the quote number in Pipedrive. This quote can be converted to an invoice from Pipedrive.

Sync customers in Pipedrive - When a deal is won in Pipedrive, the customer details are updated in the app.

Order creation in Katana - When a deal is won in the Pipedrive, an order is created for the customer in Katana and also shipped through the webshop.

Pipedrive Integrations by Cloudify
Katana Integrations by Cloudify

Pipedrive +Katana

Why Cloudify became the best fit for Arne Aksel?

  • Partnerships: Official e-conomic partner + Elite partner of Pipedrive

  • Automation experts: Unique team of automation experts who not only help implement apps but also integrate and make the related automation.

  • Your ultimate process consultants - Cloudify helps businesses grow as a whole, manage their processes better, boost sales and increase revenue with smarter workflows and intelligent processes.

  • Our offerings: Digital analysis, SaaS implementation, and Automation

  • Marketplace by Cloudify: We have our own Marketplace with listed apps with predefined workflows.

  • Customisations: We offer customised solutions for simple and complex business automation that best fits your business needs.

  • Lighthouse by Cloudify: Your process monitoring tool and a unified platform that gives you a bird's eye view of the whole automation process.

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About Arne Aksel
Arne Aksel is a solution for creating rooms with instant appeal and spatial well-being. They make your daily spaces richer through 'atmosphere in fabrics'.

Copenhagen, Denmark


High or Advanced

Products and services
Production of high quality fabrics for curtains, delivery and fitting service


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