Guide to Third party SaaS implementation

To get the most out of it, you need to analyse, migrate, configure and educate the right Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. Here is how you do it.

Process Analysis

Process Analysis

We start researching into appropriate services based on the deep dive analysis of a particular part of your business. We present two contending systems that are most suitable for your requirements. This is then followed by an implementation plan and a Statement of Work, where we outline the different criteria to be met, and tasks to be completed. This ensures optimal visibility and creates a deeper understanding of what needs to be done.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis & Data Migration

Here we collect relevant data from the different data sources and compile it to establish a single source of truth. This data is then migrated to the new systems, to ensure correct configuration with the appropriate data.



Based on the process analysis output, we start configuring the system, ensuring that it complies with all requirements. Hereafter the data is imported and mapped up correctly. Finally, the end-to-end test run is done for the whole system to ensure the highest level of capability and fluidity. After collecting relevant data, and mapping out the systems and tech involved, we ensure that the systems are properly configured and aligned with your processes and requirements.


After implementing and configurating the systems on an end-to-end basis, we educate you and your team on how to operate within the new cloud-based systems and let you know about their functionalities. The training will be dependent on your requirements and schedule.

SaaS that you can implement with Cloudify

third party SaaS implementation

CRM implementation

The CRM software gives you a seamless connection experience with the third-party apps. At Cloudify, we understand that with growth in the business, your CRM needs will also change. Cloudify offers that flexibility to meet your business needs with an end-to-end perspective of understanding the business value chain and the overall process flow of the organization. Read more.

third party SaaS implementation

Production Management

Production management system allows you to control everything in the manufacturing business, starting from raw materials to the sale of final products and their shipping. Cloudify helps you implement the production, supply chain, and inventory management capabilities that assist the manufacturers operate efficiently and profitably with complete plant floor automation.

accounting software

Inventory & Supply Chain Management

Inventory Management software allows you to manage your sales data, get complete control over your stocks, and prevent you from getting stocked out. It lets you track the inventory from manufacturers to warehouse, and from facilities to the point of sales - everything under one roof. Cloudify ensures that all the activities and functions of the business are managed efficiently.

Delivering results with SaaS implementation

If there is a need for integrating different systems together, we make it possible for you. This further level of customisation leads to a more detailed level of fit, in terms of what your needs are and how tailormade it can be.

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