Implement Production, Supply Chain and Inventory management software with Cloudify:

Cloudify offers you with a complete plant floor intelligence that deals with production planning, throughput improvement, inventory optimization and business process design. The implementation helps you understand the cross functional business implications of your decisions and respond with more agility than before that lets you unlock end-to-end visibility and gain total floor control.

Production / inventory management software that you can implement with Cloudify

Katana ERP software

Katana helps you in managing the inventory workflows and tracking the complete production process. It tracks real-time sales with the transparency of availability to your customers.

inflow inventory

InFlow is your all-in-one inventory management software that prevents stock outs by keeping a note of what goes in and what gets ordered. This lets you stay one step ahead of the demand.

Benefits of using a production or inventory management software

Easily manage the most hectic workflows with the implementation of Production management software.

Roadmaps to sketch out the big picture and communicate plans with stakeholders to make sure that the team stays on same page.

All data can be updated in real-time so that the information is available across teams, people and tools.

The platform is dynamic and flexible, which allows ramping up/down the production to support rapid growth.

It allows information transparency and real-time collaboration within and out of the business.

You are able to capture the floor data of the plant and leverage it for acceleration of quality and throughput.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the points that you need to keep in mind: Organisational size, scalability, pain points, ease to use, technical capacity of the team, and you budget.

It is a ERP software for manufacturing and distribution that deals with sales orders till shipping of the final products. It is helpful for boosting the business sales of small and midsized manufacturers.

  1. Modern aesthetics is the indicator for reliable software.
  1. It should have the right features that will grow your business.
  1. The software needs to function efficiently and should be easy to use.
  1. The software should be compatible with devices used by your team.
  1. Look for the software that has a responsive customer support team.