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Katana Features at Glance

What are you achieving with Katana implementation?

You can make accurate decisions with the live data made available to you to maintain optimal inventory level.

When connected with ecommerce platforms, you can sync data of customers, sales orders and generate invoices.

Floor level operations management and its tracking can be done through Katana shop floor app.

Increase your workflow flexibility without losing any control of the manufacturing operations with Katana.

Align your sales and production using the Katana app, thus having total floor level control.

Build BOMs and track material availability. Let Katana automate inventory adjustment based on the stocks.

Why choose Cloudify for your Katana implementation?

Cloudify helps you with implementation of Katana and post-implementation training, syncing your data, tracking of manufacturing of products, and configuring powerful inventory workflows so that Katana can get your business more efficient.

Custom workflows with Cloudify
Turning Katana into an end-to-end business platform

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