What is inFlow inventory?

Inflow is an inventory management software that manages your complete stocks and orders that prevents your business from stock-outs.

inFlow Features at Glance

The inventory management software helps you track sales and purchases to keep your products moving.

The system generates real time reports so that you can plan ahead and make business decisions.

The app helps you assign orders to the team members and you can also filter the lists based on the assignee.

It manages the inventory at all levels, such as managing online stocks and matching them with the shelves.

With the barcodes in place you can move your inventory faster like transferring the products, picking, and receiving.

Tasks like pulling the client’s data from your CRM system into the inFlow system can now be done with the custom API.

How do you benefit from implementing the inFlow inventory management system?

Why choose Cloudify for your inFlow inventory implementation?

With inFlow inventory management software, Cloudify offers you customers sales order creation, return fulfillment, and inventory tracking, thus making your business grow.

inFlow inventory management system
inFlow inventory management system
inFlow inventory management system
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Interested in implementing inFlow inventory?

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