Project Overview

Vendemus is an advertising sales company that deals with bulk orders on a daily basis. However, manual invoice creation took a toll on the employees, particularly the accounting department which was responsible for creating invoices and adding customers to the accounting app. This process was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. This is where Cloudify stepped in to help automate the process of draft invoice creation in e-conomic.

The Challenge

What did Vendemus needed help with?

Vendemus required support in automating the process of generating draft invoices in e-conomic.

The Solution

How did we approach it?

Our SaaS experts deeply analysed their business requirements before making the integration. The approach involved the integration of Pipedrive and e-conomic.

Creating an invoice is a crucial part of any business workflow. Here, we will outline the steps to create an invoice using Pipedrive, Google Sheets, and e-conomic.

Step 1: Bulk Pipedrive deal update

To invoice multiple deals simultaneously, the "create invoice" field was set to "Yes." This bulk update triggered Pipedrive to create invoices.

Step 2: Get the pipeline data from the deal

Next, we needed to fetch the details of the pipeline associated with the deal.

  • First, we checked if the deal contains a pipeline ID. If the pipeline ID was missing, we sent an email to the client notifying them about it.
  • If the pipeline ID was found, we fetched the details of the pipeline.
  • We then checked if the pipeline contained the name field. If the name was missing, we sent an email to the client notifying them.
  • We then checked if the pipeline name matched any of the pipeline names associated with the workflow. If a match was found, we continued the workflow. If the pipeline name did not match any of the associated pipeline names, we ended the workflow with a ‘success’ response.

Step 3: Get organisation data from the deal

After getting the pipeline data, we needed to check if the deal contained an organization ID.

  • If the organization ID was missing from the deal in the Pipedrive, we sent a notification email to the client.
  • If the organization ID was found, we fetched the data of the organisation associated with the deal.
  • We then checked if the organisation contained a valid CVR number. If the CVR number was missing, we sent an email to the client notifying them.

Step 4: Check custom fields in the deal

We then checked if the deal contained the custom fields. If the custom fields were missing, we sent an email to the client notifying them about it.

Step 5: Find or create e-conomic customer

Using the CVR number, we searched if the customer existed in e-conomic. If the customer did not exist, we created a new customer in e-conomic using the organisation data.

Step 6: Find or create e-conomic product

Next, we searched the product in e-conomic using the pipeline name. If the product was not found, we created a new product using the pipeline name as the product name.

Step 7: Find the e-conomic invoice template

We then found the invoice template for the customer in e-conomic.

Step 8: Find the record in Airtable

Using the custom fields in the deal, we used the Airtable app for lookup purposes.

Step 9: Find or create a draft invoice in e-conomic

  • If the "Create draft invoice" value was marked as "Yes," we created a new invoice in e-conomic and updated the Pipedrive custom field with the invoice number.
  • If the record was found and the invoice number existed, we updated the draft invoice in e-conomic.

By automating the invoice creation process, Cloudify not only saved time but also eliminated errors, thus ensuring that invoices were created accurately and on time.

Automations delivered - SaaS apps that helped Vendemus grow:

  • Pipedrive - Pipedrive was used to create deals and based on the deal stage further action was performed.

  • e-conomic - The accounting app was integrated to generate invoices and automate invoicing.

The Results

Cloudify's approach involved a deep analysis of Vendemus' business requirements before integrating Pipedrive and e-conomic. The resulting solution automated the invoice creation process, eliminating errors and saving time. Here are the steps involved in the process:

  • Bulk updating Pipedrive deals and setting the "create invoice" field to "Yes" triggered Pipedrive to create invoices.
  • Fetching pipeline data and checking for missing fields or incorrect names resulted in accurate and consistent data.
  • Checking for a valid CVR number and custom fields ensured that all necessary information was present before creating a new customer or product in e-conomic.
  • Finding the appropriate invoice template for each customer in e-conomic streamlined the invoicing process even further.
  • Using the Airtable app for lookup purposes helped in finding records quickly and efficiently.

Finally, automating the invoice creation process eliminated errors and ensured that invoices were created accurately and on time.

Overall, Cloudify's solution helped Vendemus streamline their invoicing process, saving them time and reducing errors.

Pipedrive Integrations by Cloudify

Pipedrive +Visma e-conomic

Why Cloudify become the perfect choice for Vendemus?

Let’s explore the reasons:

  • Strong Partnerships: As an elite Pipedrive partner and official e-conomic partner, we have the expertise and experience necessary to automate Vendemus's invoicing process. With a deep understanding of both platforms, Cloudify was able to seamlessly integrate Pipedrive and e-conomic, creating a solution that met the specific needs of Vendemus. Moreover, Cloudify's solution was highly customisable.
  • Automation Experts: Our team comprises skilled automation experts who go beyond app implementation. We excel in integrating systems and orchestrating related automation processes. This expertise ensures a comprehensive approach to streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency.
  • Process Consultants: At Cloudify, we are more than just an automation provider. We serve as your trusted process consultants, guiding businesses towards holistic growth. By leveraging smarter workflows and intelligent processes, we help optimise operations, enhance sales performance, and drive revenue growth.
  • Diverse Offerings: Our range of offerings includes digital analysis, SaaS implementation, and automation solutions. This comprehensive suite of services enables us to address various aspects of your business requirements and support your growth journey effectively.
  • Marketplace by Cloudify: As part of our commitment to delivering value, we have curated our own marketplace featuring a wide range of apps with predefined workflows. This marketplace serves as a valuable resource for businesses seeking ready-to-use solutions and accelerating their automation initiatives.
  • Customisation Capabilities: We understand that every business is unique, and their automation needs may vary. Cloudify excels in providing customised solutions tailored to fit both simple and complex automation requirements. Our ability to adapt to your specific needs ensures that you receive an automation solution that perfectly aligns with your business goals.


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