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From Public Databases to Your CRM: The Journey of VAT Data

12 Sept 2023Updated: 20 Jun 2024 4 min

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VAT Lookup App Integration: A Brief Overview
Benefits of Integrating Public Database Data into CRM
From Public Databases to Your CRM

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, having access to accurate and up-to-date information is paramount. One of the critical aspects of this is the seamless integration of VAT data from public databases into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This process not only streamlines operations but also enhances the efficiency of sales and marketing teams. Let's delve deeper into how the VAT Lookup app integration, particularly with platforms like Pipedrive and HubSpot with Cloudify, facilitates this journey of VAT data from public databases to your CRM.

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Benefits of Integrating Public Database Data into CRM


The integration of public database data into CRM systems offers a plethora of benefits that can significantly enhance business operations and strategies. Here, we explore some of the key advantages that businesses can leverage:

1. Enhanced Data Accuracy

By directly sourcing data from official public databases, the chances of errors or discrepancies are greatly reduced. This ensures that your CRM system is populated with the most accurate and up-to-date information, which is crucial for making informed business decisions.

2. Streamlined Processes

The automation of data retrieval and integration eliminates the need for manual data entry, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors. This streamlining of processes not only saves time but also allows teams to focus on more strategic tasks, thereby enhancing productivity.

3. Customised Data Mapping

The ability to customise data mapping according to specific needs allows businesses to tailor the data integration process to suit their unique requirements. This means that they can choose to integrate only the data that is most relevant to them, making the CRM system more efficient and user-friendly.

4. Improved Customer Engagement

With access to comprehensive and accurate data, sales and marketing teams can develop more targeted and personalised strategies. This can lead to improved customer engagement, as teams can better understand their customers and tailor their approaches accordingly.

5. Cost-Efficiency

Automating the process of data retrieval and integration can result in significant cost savings. By reducing the need for manual data entry and the potential for errors, businesses can avoid unnecessary expenses and optimise their operations for greater cost-efficiency.

6. Compliance and Legal Security

Utilizing official databases ensures that the data being used complies with legal and regulatory requirements. This can help to protect businesses from potential legal issues that can arise from the use of inaccurate or unauthorized data.

7. Enhanced Business Intelligence

Having access to a wealth of accurate data can enhance business intelligence efforts. Teams can analyze the data to gain insights into market trends, customer behaviour, and other critical factors, which can help in shaping more effective business strategies.

8. Global Reach

The integration covers a range of countries, allowing businesses to expand their reach globally. This can be particularly beneficial for businesses looking to grow and establish a presence in new markets, as they can access valuable data from different regions easily.

VAT Lookup App Integration: A Brief Overview

The VAT Lookup app integration is a powerful tool that helps in populating your CRM with detailed company data by searching through VAT numbers or company names across various countries. This integration is capable of mapping basic company data from countries such as Denmark, the UK, Sweden, Australia, Norway, Switzerland, and Finland, including details like company number, name, country name, address, industry code, legal form, registration date, and status. The specific data fields available can vary from country to country.

Integration Features

1. VAT for Company Updates

This feature allows customers to update company information from a range of countries by searching using the company name or VAT number. It serves as a significant asset for sales and marketing teams, enabling them to have access to the most recent data, which can potentially lead to more informed decisions and strategies.

2. Data from Official Databases

The VAT Lookup app is adept at finding and fetching data from authorized public sources, helping to populate your CRM with essential details such as VAT number, name, address, email, city, zip, and country. This ensures the reliability and accuracy of the data being incorporated into your CRM.

3. Custom Data Mapping

The app features a mapping window that facilitates the easy synchronisation of vital customer data with your CRM. Users can select the desired country from a dropdown menu and map the relevant information of a company situated in that region, making the process highly customisable and user-friendly.

4. Official Data Sources

To maintain the authenticity and reliability of the data, the VAT Lookup app integrates data from official databases of various countries. 

Here are some of the official data sources utilised by VAT LookUp app:

Australia: Australian Business Registry Services (ABRS)

UK: Companies House

Switzerland: Commercial Register

Finland: Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH)

Norway: Brønnøysund Register Centre

Denmark: Det Centrale Virksomhedsregister (CVR)


In conclusion, the integration of VAT Lookup app with CRM platforms like Pipedrive and HubSpot is revolutionising the way businesses handle company data. By automating the process of data retrieval and integration from official databases, it not only saves time but also ensures the accuracy and reliability of the data being used. This, in turn, can lead to more informed decision-making and a streamlined sales process, fostering growth and success in the business landscape.



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