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Automated Data Entry in Modern CRM Systems: CVR & VAT Lookup Solutions

19 Sept 2023Updated: 20 Jun 2024 5 min

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Benefits of Automating Data Entry in your CRM
How to Automate CRM Data Entry With Cloudify
CRM Data Input: Why is it Necessary?
Automated Data Entry in Modern CRM Systems

If you are seeking a method to streamline your CRM data input and expand your enterprise, this piece is ideal for you.

The typical office employee dedicates roughly two hours daily to inputting information into CRM platforms. Regardless of your field, be it sales, property management, IT, inventory management or another sector that leverages a CRM's capabilities, adopting automated data input processes can be a potent strategy to conserve both time and resources, while enhancing the precision of your data.

You can try out Cloudify’s VAT Lookup and Danish CVR Lookup app integrations with CRM systems like HubSpot and Pipedrive

  • Danish CVR Lookup App on HubSpot Marketplace
  • Danish CVR Lookup App on Pipedrive Marketplace
  • Company VAT Lookup on HubSpot Marketplace
  • Company VAT Lookup on Pipedrive Marketplace

CRM Data Input: Why is it Necessary?

A recent research on Future-Ready Businesses revealed that dedicating merely 10 hours weekly to data input, costing $30 per hour, can accumulate to a minimum annual expense of $15,000 for a company. If there's one takeaway from this piece, it should be this: Allocating such a hefty amount for CRM data input tasks is unreasonable.


Thankfully, utilising CRM data input automation tools can offer numerous advantages.

Benefits of Automating Data Entry in your CRM

Let’s discuss a few advantages of automation that apply to all CRM data entry cases. 

Increase data entry speed – Even the most experienced data entry professional cannot come close to the speed at which an automation process handles CRM data. Automation removes the waiting period for data to start showing up in your CRM.

Error margins – By virtue of being human, we all fall short and make mistakes. Especially when entering data into CRMs for hours on end. On the other hand, an automation script works at the same degree of accuracy every single time.

Financial upsides – Unless you decide to make the CRM and any other integrations around it from scratch, data entry automation will never cost you as much as the man-hours lost through manual data entry. 

How to Automate CRM Data Entry With Cloudify

In the ever-evolving landscape of business technology, CRM systems stand as a cornerstone for efficient client management. Cloudify, a leading player in this domain, has introduced groundbreaking integrations in the HubSpot and Pipedrive marketplaces to streamline data entry and enhance CRM functionalities. Let's delve into the remarkable features of the CVR and VAT Lookup solutions by Cloudify.

Cloudify's Danish CVR Lookup App Integration with Pipedrive

In the modern business ecosystem, having access to accurate and up-to-date information is vital. Cloudify's Danish CVR Lookup app, available on the Pipedrive marketplace, serves as a revolutionary tool in client data management. By simply entering a client's name or CVR number, you can retrieve essential company details from Denmark's official database, thereby eliminating manual entries and fostering efficiency in your Pipedrive CRM.

Key Highlights:

One-Click Information Addition: Populate your CRM with comprehensive client details using just a name or CVR number.

Financial Data Insights: Gain a three-year financial overview of any registered organisation using a valid CVR number.

Bulk Updates: Facilitate mass data updates effortlessly, enhancing your CRM's data accuracy and consistency.


Automated Organisation Data Entry: Experience seamless data integration whenever a new organization is registered in the CVR Lookup app.

Cloudify's Company VAT Lookup App on Pipedrive

To further streamline your sales process, Cloudify presents the Company VAT Lookup app on Pipedrive. This tool allows you to fetch detailed company data from several countries, including Australia and Denmark, using either the company name or VAT number. The integration promises a tailored CRM experience with data sourced from official databases and custom mapping features.

Integration Highlights:

Comprehensive Company Updates: Enhance your sales and marketing strategies with updated company information retrievable via company name or VAT number.

Data from Trusted Sources: Populate your CRM with reliable data, including VAT number, address, and contact details, sourced from official databases.

Custom Data Mapping: Easily synchronise vital customer data with your CRM, selecting specific information based on the company's location.

Danish CVR Lookup App on HubSpot by Cloudify

Creating a Customised HubSpot Implementation Plan for Your Business

Transform your HubSpot CRM with Cloudify's Danish CVR Lookup app. This integration automates data updates, pulling information directly from authorised government CVR portals, thus ensuring accuracy and efficiency in data management.

Read more:

Integration Features:

Quick Data Updation: Utilise the search window in the CRM card to swiftly add company and financial data using a name or CVR number.

Bulk Updates: Update multiple company profiles simultaneously, drawing the latest information directly from the Danish Business Authority.


Financial Data Insights: Keep your CRM updated with precise financial data, including net turnover and balance sheet details, based on the provided CVR number.

Custom Data Mapping: Customize data synchronisation from the CVR app to your HubSpot details, even allowing the addition of new custom properties as per your preference.

Company VAT Lookup App on HubSpot by Cloudify

Cloudify's VAT Lookup app on HubSpot revolutionises CRM management by automating the retrieval of VAT numbers from various countries, coupled with custom data mapping to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Integration Features:

Automated Company Updates: Fetch customer details automatically using valid VAT or registration numbers, maintaining data accuracy.

Data from Official Databases: Leverage the unique VAT numbers to verify and fetch data from authorized public sources, enhancing your CRM's reliability.

Custom Data Mapping: Integrate vital company information from different countries seamlessly into your CRM, facilitating a streamlined business operation.

In conclusion, Cloudify's CVR and VAT Lookup solutions stand as powerful tools in modernising CRM systems, offering seamless integrations with Pipedrive and HubSpot marketplaces. By automating data entry and ensuring data accuracy, these integrations empower sales and marketing teams to operate more efficiently and effectively. Integrate today and witness a remarkable transformation in your CRM management.



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