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What is Pipedrive?

22 May 2023Updated: 20 Jun 2024 7 min

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How Much Does Pipedrive Cost?
Top Reasons to Use Pipedrive CRM
How to Use Pipedrive?
What is Pipedrive?
How to Find a Pipedrive Expert?
Is Pipedrive the Right CRM for Your Business?
What is Pipedrive?

What is Pipedrive?

Well, Pipedrive, in the most basic sense, is a CRM. It is a tool for customer relationship management. Pipedrive, like any other CRM, allows you to manage your contacts and your relationships with them. These contacts can be your email subscribers, advocates, employees, sales leads or customers. Thus, CRM is a tool that allows you to manage your customer relationships better and Pipedrive essentially is a CRM.

So, is that all? If that’s all that a CRM does, then why don’t you go get a simple contact management software, why the heck do you need Pipedrive or any other fancy CRM for that matter? That’s because a CRM has a lot more to offer than plain contact management. 

There are certain reasons why it is called customer relationship management tool and not a contact management system. CRMs like Pipedrive allow you to keep track of your business better. CRMs are a necessity for sales teams around the world. It’s not just about storing and organizing contacts and the information related to them, but also organising and tracking all the relevant information you need to boost your business. This may be anything right from the initial prospecting, nurturing leads, closing deals and retaining customers to building long-lasting, mutually beneficial customer relationships, increasing sales, creating more personalised customer service and, overall, making processes more efficient. Thus, you see that a CRM has a lot of features built-in and actually helps your business in a lot of ways, not just storing and organising contact information.

Pipedrive is a CRM built by the salespeople for the salespeople. It’s one of the best CRMs available in the market these days, thanks to its activity-based selling approach. Selecting the right CRM for your business is nothing short of a challenge. It can be overwhelming and confusing because of the number of CRMs available today. Depending on what your business requirements are, you must choose the CRM that fits in nicely with the realities of your business. 

Pipedrive acts as your central repository of business information. You keep track of leads, deals, contacts and performance of your sales team, for starters. That said, you also get fantastic chances to automate a lot of tasks. You can easily integrate Pipedrive with any other SaaS application that you want and get things done on autopilot. Further, Pipedrive CRM comes with a sales assistant to help you sell smartly. Get tips on what to automate and what not. You see which deals and leads need priority attention.

And, because you track communications using Pipedrive, you know who to follow up with. No more leads going cold and no more awkward follow-ups. Thus, Pipedrive is not just a tool to manage leads but it is a tool that acts as the central controlling point where you keep track of everything business.

How Much Does Pipedrive Cost?

The “Essential” Pipedrive plan which also happens to be the most basic one costs US$12.50, billed annually - per month per user.

The other pricing options offered by Pipedrive are -

  1. The Essential plan - US$ 9.90 per month per user, billed annually
  2. The Advanced Plan - US$ 19.90 per month per user, billed annually
  3. The Professional Plan - US$ 39.90 per month per user, billed annually
  4. The Power Plan - US$ 49.90 per month per user, billed annually
  5. The Enterprise Plan - US$ 59.90 per month per user, billed annually

Depending on what your team size is and what your business requirements are, you can choose a Pipedrive plan. Once you are done picking the Pipedrive plan that you need, you can get in touch with an official Pipedrive partner to get the CRM implemented. It may be difficult for you to move data into Pipedrive on your own, especially if the volume is huge. 

An official Pipedrive partner will help you with safe data migration, setting up contacts, leads and deals. Plus, they will also help you with setting up all the necessary SaaS integrations. 

  • Want Pipedrive integrated with your email marketing tool? A Pipedrive expert consultant can help you with that.
  • Struggling with how to educate your team on making the most out of Pipedrive implementation? A Pipedrive consultant can help you.
  • An official Pipedrive partner like Cloudify will begin with understanding your sales process and lead ownership. It’s beyond crucial to understand how the CRM will actually support or boost your business. This helps in creating deal stages, custom fields, lead ownership rights, and a lot more.
  • Followed by this, they’d help move the data into the CRM. No matter if you have been using Google Sheets or any other CRM, they would help securely transfer the data and organise it, making it ready for use.
  • Next, they’d help you make the most out of the Pipedrive CRM by helping you set up some absolutely necessary integrations.
  • This can include automation to route the leads the right way, building custom lead views, and reporting dashboards.
  • Finally, they would also provide you with the much needed follow up support and maintenance to be able to use the CRM the right way.

What is Pipedrive?

Top Reasons to Use Pipedrive CRM

There are a lot of CRMs available in the market. What are the reasons that you should choose Pipedrive out of all? The primary reason to pick Pipedrive is that it is a CRM by salespeople for the salespeople. Pipedrive makes life easy for sales teams. With Pipedrive, sales professionals do not have to think what next? They have their day planned in advance, and all they have to do is complete those activities. That is exactly how Pipedrive helps boost sales outcomes. The CRM can be used to manage leads and deals, track communications and a lot more. Plus, it comes with a smart sales assistant that lets you know what to do and how to do. No more leads going cold, no more missed follow-ups. Pipedrive helps you be on the top of everything sales.

In addition to that, Pipedrive is super cautious about who’s having access to your business data. You get real-time updates and notifications on who’s viewing what and who is accessing what. Plus, you get location updates about where your data or Pipedrive account is being logged into from.

How to Use Pipedrive?

Using Pipedrive is extremely easy, thanks to its visual board-like structure.

Updating the status of leads and deals is not at all difficult. All you have to do is drag and drop them in the right list.

Pipedrive provides a lot of useful resources and information on how to use Pipedrive.

Thus, if you are confused as to how to use Pipedrive, the best way to learn is visit the Resources section on the Pipedrive website and explore.

What is Pipedrive?

How to Find a Pipedrive Expert?

Getting started with Pipedrive is not that difficult. It’s just that you should have the right resources.

And these resources can be anything. Tutorial videos, how-to guides or even a human being telling you how to use it.

Pipedrive partners with agencies around the world that help businesses use Pipedrive the right way.

Although Pipedrive’s customer support team is always there to walk you through as and when you face an issue, you can always find an expert in the Pipedrive community of partners.

These partners are certified experts ready to help you get the most out of Pipedrive.

What is Pipedrive?

Is Pipedrive the Right CRM for Your Business?

Whether Pipedrive is the right CRM for your business or not depends on a lot of factors.

In fact, any CRM for that matter, if you talk about whether it is the right CRM for your business or not - it depends on a variety of factors.

Which are these factors?

Primarily, it depends on why you are investing in the CRM, what operational business challenges do you need to solve, what processes do you lack that you should implement, how many people from your team would use the CRM, and what budget do you have.

Thus, if you are considering Pipedrive as a potential option, you must see if it checks all the requirements you expect from the CRM.

  • Does it allow you to manage your contacts, leads, deals and other data the way you’d want to?
  • Does it allow you to manage your pipeline and forecast the sales you’d want to?
  • Does it have the options to create informative reports the way you’d want to?
  • Does it support all the desired integrations?

There are a lot of review websites such as G2 Crowd, SoftwareWorld, Capterra, PCMag, SaaSGenius and so on. These review websites let you make informed choices by giving a quick sneak peek into what it's like using a given SaaS product.

Thus, that was a quick overview of what is Pipedrive, top reasons to use Pipedrive, how to use Pipedrive, how to find a Pipedrive expert and if Pipedrive is the right pick for your business or not.

Have you been using Pipedrive? (If not, you can try it for free by clicking here) How has your experience been with Pipedrive? If you want to know more book a free consultation with our team.


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