Bid Farewell to Your Accounting Woes With e-conomic

Easy to Use

e-conomic comes power-packed with a user-friendly interface. Easily figure out how to do what, or turn to customer support if you are having a hard time.

Customer Support

Lightning fast support with e-conomic! Customer support on the phone as well as readily available customer support via chat easily accessible.

VAT Reconciliation

The best way to have a holistic overview of the composition of your VAT for a given period of time. Easily find out what you have missed out on.

Product Catalog

The best way to have a holistic overview of the composition of your VAT for a given period of time. Easily find out what you have missed out on.

Vendor Management

Nurture business relationships with your suppliers using e-conomic’s vendor management features. Get an overview of pending invoices and so on.

Team Access

Stay on the same page as your accountant and bookkeeper. Provide both of them free access to your e-conomic agreement, so you all are on the same page.

Maximising the Output With e-conomic Implementation and Integrations

e-conomic Implementation by Cloudify’s Experts


A thorough analysis of your business and estimation of what all SaaS products would you need to function smoothly. Further, we talk about how easy or difficult it’d be to implement e-conomic for your business and how long it’d take.


Setting up e-conomic for your business, moving data, setting up the contacts, products and everything else that you need to be up and running such as integrating e-conomic with your CRM, email marketing tool and so on.

Support and Education

Educating your team on how to make the most out of e-conomic, how to use it efficiently and what all it is capable of doing. This also includes follow-up support and education to ensure a hassle-free experience for your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost depends on what you want done. There will be a basic one-time fee for set up and the add-ons such as integrations will cost you extra. The exact cost can be calculated once we have your exact requirements.

Please book a free consultation session with us. One of our experts will collect your details and we shall reach out to you with a customised quote and time frame for completion.

Please book a free consultation with us. One of our experts will get in touch with you to collect your requirements and we shall let you know what it’d cost and how long it’d take to get this done.

Cloudify ensures that your business data is safe. We maintain complete confidentiality regarding your details and you get updates on who has access to your data.

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