Calendly Integrations with Cloudify


With CRM systems

Integrate Calendly with your CRM app that will enable syncing the customer data, creating new contact or adding a new form.

How does it work?

Calendly integration with the CRM app automatically updates your sales CRM whenever there is a Calendly meeting scheduled.


Create or add contacts in the CRM app whenever there is a meeting scheduled in the Calendly app.


Calendly integration lets you automatically generate complete activity history of the customer which can be used for scoring leads.


You can send segmented marketing campaigns using Calendly data on your CRM that are based on website actions, engagements, or event registrations.


With Marketing system

Integrate Calendly with your in-bound and out-bound marketing apps to sync real-time contacts and automatically fill in the seller’s pipelines and carry out targeted campaigns.

How does it work?

When there is a new meeting booked in Calendly, the info is synced to the marketing apps so that you can personalise marketing emails.


Automatically sync all the contacts from Calendly to the marketing app in real-time and keep the list updated.


You can automatically move deals to different stages and navigate customers through these stages and sales pipelines.


Benefits of integrating Calendly with Cloudify


Empower website visitors

Let the visitors schedule a meeting with your team without leaving the page.

Automatically add invitees

Automatically add invitees

Calendly integration and let you automatically add invitees as a subscriber to stay in touch with them.

CRM integration

CRM integration

Calendly integration adds new invitees to the CRM app that lets your business grow.

Automated emails

Automated emails

With the integration, you get automated emails on cancelled or rescheduled events or meetings.

Book your meeting hassle free with Calendly integration

Calendly makes booking meetings an easy affair for you. Schedule meeting with Calendly integrations at Cloudify.

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