DocuSign Integrations with Cloudify


With CRM systems

Integrate DocuSign with your CRM app that will enable secure signing of the documents along with tracking of the documents.

How does it work?

Users can create, send and track DocuSign envelopes directly from the CRM apps.


Automatically send the DocuSign envelope when a deal is won in the CRM app.


With a new or updated activity in the CRM app you can create a signature request in DocuSign automatically.

Payment systems

With payment systems

Integrate DocuSign with payment apps to manage your customer payments based on the document status, whether it is signed or not.

How does it work?

When the customer signs a document, you can then accept the payment or send payment request instantly and automatically with this integration.


Send payment requests or accept payments when you receive a signed document with DocuSign integrations.

Project management system

With project management system

Integrate DocuSign with the project management system and prioritise your tasks based on the verified documents.

How does it work?

When a document is signed by the customer, then the task or card is created in the project management app along with prioritisation based on the urgency.


When there is a signed document envelope, a task comment is added automatically.


When a new task is created or a card is added, automatically a signature request is sent to the customer.


Benefits of integrating DocuSign with Cloudify

Bringing payments together

Bringing payments together

You can view your existing agreements as well as launch new ones right from the payment gateway with DocuSign integration.

Streamlining procurement

Streamlining procurement

Overcome the issues related to the procurement team and increase cross departmental collaboration.

Automating document approvals

Automating document approvals

Get faster approvals using e-signatures in DocuSign and collaborating it with other apps.

Customer communication

Customer communication

Send automated messages or emails for signed DocuSign envelopes.

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